May 6, 2017

New Orleans Things To Do on May 6, 2017...

There's so much to do in New Orleans this weekend! New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, New Orleans Jazz Market Concert Series, Jammin' on Julia and beautiful weather! If you're in the city, you should definitely get out and enjoy it.

April 15, 2017

ON THE SCENE: French Quarter Festival 2017 [PHOTOS]

2017 New OrleansFrench Quarter Festival
2017 French Quarter Festival in New Orleans. Desktop/Laptop users: CLICK THE PIC for a slideshow of photos.
The annual French Quarter Festival is 4 days of FREE local New Orleans music, and this year, just like last year, the pretty weather stole the show. SCORE. This was also the first year that I attended the festival all 4 days. I mean, why not? Fabulous weather, free local music, yummy local food made for a great long weekend spent in New Orleans. READ THE REST below for more photos.

April 1, 2017

Curly Girls Unite: My 3 Years of Hair Growth...

This is my 2nd time around.  I decided to transition back to my natural hair back in 2011, I transitioned for 15 months (see HERE). My first big chop was back in 2012 (see HERE) I really (really lol) enjoyed my curls for an entire year (see HERE) before promptly heat damaging my hair in 2013 (smh + sad face emoji, see HERE) It took me another whole year to decide to just cut it all off and start over in 2014. These are my round 2 results.

February 26, 2017

WATCH: How I Make My DIY Satin Lined Beanies...

I've made 6 of these lined beanies so far, watch below to see how you can too!
#fashion #sewing #diystyle

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February 14, 2017

We Heart Travel...

February 8, 2017

TRAVEL BLOG: Our Winter Mexican Escape...

My first day of vacation outfit (and my first day hair). Purchase a similar vacation top to mine HERE.
Glass of wine on deck! And that's an actual deck because I'm on a boat, ha. This cruise out of New Orleans (our 5th one!) was a sort of delayed anniversary trip (21 years married as of December 2016! Yay us!) but truth be told, we were way overdue for a getaway trip when we finally took this one. 2016 was one for the books for a lot of us, and not totally in the feel good kind of way. But I don't want to linger on the sadness and loss of 2016, instead let's get into how much of a good idea and how much of a good time this trip was. 

February 1, 2017

My DIY One-Piece Scuba Swimsuit...

black neoprene swimsuit fashion sewing diystyle

It's swimsuit season! Just kidding, it's the middle of winter, but I did finish my 2nd swimsuit before we took a quick warm weather escape to Mexico in chilly January (see my 1st swimsuit HERE) and I'm pretty pleased with it. This one is made with black neoprene or scuba material and this fabric sews beautifully. It really is a user friendly fabric, it's the perfect combination of structure and stretch. Do you remember my black "swim cover" in the far left pic? You've seen it before because I made that too! Check it out HERE if you don't remember. I made my swimsuit block from a dance leotard I've had for ages and it's served me pretty well with the 2 suits I've made so far. Just wanted you to see the fit since you've been following along as I took it from test pattern (on the Mr's golf shirt) to completion enough to wear on a cruise ship to Mexico. Stay tuned for a few more pics of my 1st swimsuit soon as well as more vacay pics! We LOVED taking advantage of the cruise ship and the beautiful Mexican beach backdrop. And it was truly gorgeous in Mexico with picture perfect weather. We're ready to go again. All photography by Ron Ward. 

Want to shop similar looks to my DIY swimsuit? Click HERE.

January 8, 2017

SEWING: Loose Fit Tee to Fitted Tee: Another Sort of Tutorial...

Loose R Train Tee to Fitted Tee fashion sewing

Do you remember the first time I did a "sort of" tutorial where I turned a loose tee into a fitted tee? No? Well, here you go. And now I've done it again! It's my first sewing project of 2017. Follow along below won't you, as I take you through my t-shirt altering process.

December 22, 2016

My Winter Sewing Concept Sketches...

group sketch black girls fashion sewing
My Winter Sketches
And I plan on sewing all three of these concepts before winter is over! *fingers crossed* Y'all, I'm pretty proud of this sketch, given the fact that I barely sketched anything in 2016. I know  that I told you on Instagram that I completed like 2 sketches this year, but that was inaccurate. I did 3 sketches this year and this one makes 4, so there. 
Croquis Group

But anyhoo, I found this sketch online (see the original sketch above) and then I reimagined it with my own concepts... and hair. I LOVE sketching hair. I remember being back in school and one of my instructors asking me why I always turned sketches with the hair so detailed, she also told me that it wasn't necessary and that my sketches were good without doing all that. I remember thinking to myself, "look, you gone get these sketches with all of the fresh out of the salon hair that I wanna draw!" (it was the 90's) just let people be great in their own way geez. Drawing the hair on my sketches has long been one of my joys. It's not much, but I like going through the extra bit of effort.