June 20, 2006

Welcome to my blog!

First of all, go Miami Heat!!! 2006 NBA Champions! How happy am I for Shaq and Dwayne! So the question is finally answered... about whether Shaq or Kobe could win a championship without the other one... nothin' else for me to say right there...

Anyhoo, welcome to my blog! Having one makes me feel like I'm one of the "cool kids". I have a blog! Why am I doing a blog? I asked myself that one, because with everything else I'm involved in right now, running 2 businesses, continually taking on new clients (4 major ones in the past week!), and such, it is near ridiculous for me to be blogging. But I also said to myself, why not? A blog felt like a natural progression for me, and my businesses, a place for me to RELEASE and vent and share my love of clothing, what's going on with my businesses, and whatever else I want to share about. And, how about I was already "blogging" people via email anyway (how many emails have I sent expressing my extreme disdain for both Serena Williams and Mariah Carey's failed attempts at fashion?)

So before we go another further, I'd just like you to remember a few things if you read my blog:
  1. This is my blog, my opinion, I'll write what I want to.
  2. Just as I am entitled to my opinion, you are certainly entitled to yours, so you are welcome to comment on anything I write about, just note: severe comment drama will be deleted. (see #1)

I am going to attempt to update my blog on a most regular basis. My goal for this blog is to vent, release, and share, and I also want to have pertinent information that you could use, so if you'd like, bookmark me and check back often!


  1. This is too cute! Ms. Gene' I really enjoyed reading your blog ... It made me laugh and I believe will keep me engaged in the life of style and stuff. Keep up the refreshing commentary and personal opinions as I believe they could have a definitely impact on the industry and those interested in the latest trends of fashion and design. You're the greatest!

  2. As said by my mother...
    Thanks Mama :-)

  3. Ditto. I think this is an awesome idea. And I agree with you on the Star and Al, subject it appears that neither of them know who they really want to be.

  4. Yeah, I'm a little concerned about the Star Jones shrinking phenomena...maybe she will slow down and fill out like Oprah did. On the style tip, I am really feelin' white as the new black! I just left a store which normally has lots of white and could hardly find a piece in the building...as I get older, it seems that I'm always a few months behind on snatching up the latest fashion. I need to get back on the cutting edge...HELP A SISTA OUT!

  5. Really enjoyed the "blog". I just found out what that word meant a few months ago. I'd been wondering for about a year. It's kinda' like the time when I sent you accalaids about your personality when you requested "positive feedback" for our ebay transaction. I was also ticked to find out that what I had was a "Hollywood wedding"...who knew?

  6. I agree. The more weight she loses, the more she looks like a chocolate Tootsie Pop. Not cute.

  7. Star Jones.. a chocolate tootsie pop... I couldn't have described her look any better...