July 29, 2006

I Heart Liya Kebede's HAIR...

Liya Kebede, Ethiopian supermodel. Victoria's Secret, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and the Gap have all used her on their runways and in their ad campaigns. She's the new face of Estee Lauder. First black person to EVER serve as representative for that cosmetics company in its 57 year history. She was appointed WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Maternal, newborn and child health. She is a wife, and a mother, all at the tender age of 28. Such an accomplished and beautiful person.

But I celebrate Liya for something all together different... her hair. Healthy, beautiful, long black pocahontas hair. Hair that seems to move in slow motion when the wind blows. Fabulous, glorious hair.

With all the ungodly things that hairstylists have to do to a models hair for shows, photo shoots, etc., it is nothing short of a miracle that her hair looks this healthy at all. And I know a little something about tearing up some hair. Trust that.

I had long beautiful glorious hair back when I was little. But like many of you, I went through hair stages of wanting shorter hair (cut it when I was a teenager), different colored hair (colored it several times), crimped hair, fried hair, finger-waved hair, braided hair and weaved hair, until what I ended up with was destroyed hair. I can remember a time when my hair came out in clumps from a complete and total lack of care. NO MORE! I guess you can say, I had seen the light (and I was getting tired of my hairstylist cussing me out everytime I sat in her chair). I decided it was time to stop the madness. I had to cut my hair short (again) to get rid of the damage... to sort of "start from scratch", and within the last couple years, I have grown my hair back considerably, but it wasn't without help. I started listening to my hairstylist, I started taking better care, and there was also a book I read that made me think differently on some things concerning black folks hair. Now please don't think that this is some sort of PSA/Infomercial or that I am in any way trying to help this lady sell her book or her hair products, because I'm not. It's just that so many people have asked me about my hair in the last few months, that I wanted to post the information that helped me get to this point (the stuff I been telling some of ya'll about, like using hair creme -- in the book). So if you are at all interested in the info, take from it what you can. Click here to learn more. And just so you know, the book may be available at your local library (free), which is how I got it, so check there too. Regardless of what your current hair style, healthy hair can be on the horizon!
You SHOULD take care of your hair, but it shouldn't DEFINE who you are... until next time..


  1. Liya is my girlfriend too.

  2. So true, so true. It's just... so much WORK to take care of it. (I'm a yaky girl, myself.)

    Anyway, love your blog!

  3. Would you believe that I carried around a picture of Liya in my purse for about 8 years when she was wearing her hair short?! (I probably still have that picture). That was the short style that I was wearing and I kept the picture so that my hair dresser would remember how to cut my hair every time.

    Love Liya's long hair, and Chanel's too. The growth has been amazing. If I didn't see it happen with my own eyes, it would have been hard to believe that it's possible to gain so much length so fast. Thanks for sharing the book info!

  4. Hell, I heart it too!
    I need to run my fingers through that :)

    Hey Hip!

    Thanx for the love and link

    ...now go get on the Message Board LOL!!!

  5. girl, that is not Liya's hair!!
    if you're refering to the picture you have posted in this entry, that is definitely a weave (a good one) but a weave nonetheless.

    i love her, by the way, just wanted to clear that up for ya! haha


  6. Hi

    I agree Liya has a good hair style. I just want to say that her hair is not weave, she is ETHIOPIAN. All ETHIOPIAN's including my self have a great hair. Her hair is real i gurantee it. Ask any body they will tell you all ETHIOPIAN's have great hair. So don't talk before u get ur info. checked.

  7. Thank you Yodit.

    I didn't think for ONE MOMENT that Liya's hair was a weave. She just has fabulous, long shiny hair, and I love it! There are plenty women of color with long, glorious, beautiful REAL hair.

  8. yeah, liyas hair is real..she is from ethopia, and the habesh people ( ethiopians and eritreans )are known to have wonderfully thick and long hair, partly because of our semitic ancestry.. dont hate lol

  9. Okey Lets just realise fact that all people are different, I don't understand why Ethiopian and Eritrean girls think so high about themselves, I have seen Ethiopian and Eritrean girls with bad hair and dark skin so don't come with unrealistic facts that all Ethiopian have good hair and light skin that's just illogical as everyone is different, I'm myself from Djibouti/Somalia and have long natural black hair and nothing close to the African kind of hair, I have also lighter skin even though I'm born in the hottest place on earth (Djibouti), I know many Somalians who have light skin and straight long hair, just the same as some girls from Sudan. But just because you are captured in your small surrounding and neighbourhood you cannot expect that you know the whole world and its people. Get the fact everyone is different. Even though I strongly doubt that liya's hair is hundred procent weave, it is common for celibrties to have extension and relaxed hair, after all African hair no matter you are Somalian, Ethiopian or Sudanese our hair can never be like the straight hair of European and Indian, we have in nature different texture, but because of that it doesn't mean that every African person has weave, because Africa is a big continent, and you can straight see the difference from a person from Somalia and a person from west Africa. My mom for example looks like she is half Arabian, but she is 100% Somalian, she may be light, and DNA analysis have shown that the Somalian gen is traced to Caucasian but just because of that we are not white, we are Somalian. Get it right people especially you Ethiopian that think you are all damn good as I don't see any beauty in Liya compare to Iman or any other Somalian Model. True African beauty does not lie in the hair but in the gene

  10. ^ damn Salina calm down, you actually took the time to write that whole novel on how somalians are better than ethiopians? You sound very insecure. I'm Eritrean but you guys need to stop. As far as I'm considered we're all African, so we should be like family. and why are you guys acting like light skin and long hair is superior or something?