July 5, 2006

Prada + Family Togetherness

Happy belated Independence Day everybody! I know, I know, I've been gone for a minute! And yes, I am playing catch up. My family reunion was this weekend and it was W-O-R-K do you hear me? But it was all very much worth it to see everybody, and just to have that time of togetherness... Click here to check out some colorful pics of the weekend.

I'm back! And even though my graphic design client roster is growing fast (more on that at a later date), I am really going to make a strong attempt to update my blog regularly.

Saw "The Devil wears Prada" on the 4th, and let me just say, this was Meryl's movie. Anne did rock some slammin' designer gear in the movie after she went through her transformation as aspiring writer "Andrea (Andy) Sachs". Meryl played "Miranda Priestly", a character loosely based on Vogue magazine editor, Anna Wintour. I found it really funny that I actually enjoyed watching "Miranda" be so unbelieveably vicious, but she did it with such style, and her shrewdness came off so effortlessly, it was really something to witness. One of my fave outfits in the movie was worn by "Andy" and it was the one she has on in the photo to the right. Did a bit of research to find out everyone she was wearing in that photo (you can clearly see that the necklace is Chanel) I found out that the black boat neck top was David Rodriguez, the white shirt was by Miu Miu, and the newsboy cap was Chanel. Click here to see a clip of the movie. I gave it a 4.5 out of 5. 6 more days until Project Runway! Until next time ya'll...


  1. The outfit Anne has on in the picture is my favorite one out of the entire movie. I thought the movie was good and I LOVED the clothes.

  2. Sarah M. Broome :-)Sun Jul 09, 10:26:00 PM 2006

    I absolutely can't wait for the this chic flick to hit the stores! I couln't get enough of Miranda's coats & purses, and the shoes!...oh the shoes!...