July 13, 2006

Project Runway 3 + Project I Need to Find Time to Sew More

Project Runway 3 premiered last night, and I have to tell you, every season when it starts up, it makes me itch to design and sew! Contestants had to be innovative and make outfits out of whatever was in their apartments at the time. I was impressed with a couple contestants on last nights show, namely Michael from Atlanta (made a beautiful cocktail dress from coffee filters in the photo to your left), also Robert, and Keith (yes, surprisingly all guys). Keith did strictly menswear before he completed his first dress on the show and he ended up winning the first competition. I was explaining to my husband that it was not surprising that Keith, didn't have a problem making a beautifully fitted halter dress out of bed linens (photo upper right) because of the type of tailoring that is involved in making menswear. The first to go home was Stacey, a Stanford University graduate with a Harvard MBA whose dress I did not think was as bad as the judges let on. Get recaps of the show here.

And even though I have as much free time as someone working 19 jobs (believe me, that number didn't come out of nowhere, that is actually how many clients I am currently juggling as I blog away) I still found the time to cut and sew a summer dress a couple months ago, so in celebration of season 3 of Project Runway, I thought I'd share it with you! It didn't come out exactly as I planned it, but it was good enough for me to wear to a function a couple weeks ago, and I got a ridiculous amount of positive comments on it, so I was pleased. So there you have it. Project Runway was good, it just inspired me to sew more, and I definitely will after I get organized and get my clients all squared. So just so you guys know, on days that I don't blog, you know what time it is... until next time...

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  1. Since my Runway comment fell by the wayside, here I am again. The show was definitely different. Didn't get the three time contender and his multiple personalities, looks and accents. He is better suited to a career in acting than fashion design.