July 20, 2006

Project Runway Crushes Dreams...

Ok, maybe I'm being melodramatic, but last nights show kind of hurt my heart. Contestants had the opportunity to design a gown for Miss America Tara Conner to be worn in the Miss Universe Pageant. Malan got eliminated last night, and for good reason, his 'tree bark' dress was simply horrible. An eye sore. In other words, the dress just wasn't cute. The dress would have literally made Tara LOSE points in the pageant competition.

I didn't like Malan until last night. He gave off a first impression of being an arrogant know-it-all who needed to be put in his place. But last night, I saw a different side to him. I didn't expect him to take his elimination so hard. I actually almost CRIED with him! Maybe it was the story he told about how his mother told him he would never succeed as a designer, or how he was so determined to show her that he could indeed be a success, and this was his chance to do it... Whatever it was, I started quietly rooting for him on last nights show. I really didn't think the judges would eliminate him over Angela who just did not play well with any of the others. I really wanted to see what else Malan could do. I too (after last night) wanted him to be able to prove to his Mother that he COULD be a successful designer, but thanks to Project Runway's dream crushing judges, we'll never see that happen (at least not on the show).

So, so long Malan... I am here to tell you, don't give up on your dreams! You CAN be a successful designer! Work harder! Be determined! Show 'em what you're made of!

Just burn that brown dress first.

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  1. Malan- felt sorry for him during his speech about his rough childhood. The sympathy was pouring out from my ears. Then I saw that dress, and forgot all about it. I can't even imagine how he thought that could have been pretty. I don't even see where he started right and went wrong. It was just all wrong. BUT, I still would have chosen Angela to go home first, she just won't make it if she doesn't adjust her people skills. I think Malan actually had some designer potential in him... somewhere, way down deep past that tree bark dress.