July 26, 2006

Style Verdict - Belt Trend

My verdict is already in on this trend. Anybody that has seen me out in the last few months has already seen me rock this look, so you already know my feelings on it. The belt trend didn't take as long for me to warm up to as some of the others.

But as always, I want to know what you guys think, I personally LOVE the look, but don't let my opinion sway you. Do YOU love it? Hate it? Don't care? Would you wear it? I want to know your style verdict.


  1. I dunno, I think it looks cool; as long as they don't wear those EXTRA wide belts...then you look like you're rockin a leather Cummerbund :)

    ...other than that though, I can dig it... I love a woman about her fashion.

    Thanx for the comment on the blog btw...keep coming around

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  2. I love it... never worn it, but will definitely get a chance... especially when the clothes stop sticking to our backs down here in Loozeeana in the winter months. Love the whole match my belt to my purse then wear whatever shoes I want look. My verdict: LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  3. I love the look, I just can't seem to get it right. Here's my problem...I still need a belt to hold my pants up, so I know that two belts (see "Fashion No No") is unacceptable.

    A friend of mine bought me one of those wide, gold, glittery belts with a big round buckle. I think I'm working it, but I feel like I've won the heavyweight championship everytime I wear it.

    Mastery of belts is one of those things that's challenging me. I haven't bought a belt in at least 5 years (I'm not exaggerating) and I really have a phobia that I'm going to buy the wrong one and look like the people when their belt is too long and they have to wrap it around and tuck it under on the side. You know the ones I'm talking about.

    I just don't want to look like the 30 something chick who is trying to be hip, but ends up on the Hip Candy "Not Cute" list.

  4. I love the previous comments .. They made me laugh out loud. When that happens, I always "feel" like I've had a great day! As for me, I love belts, and scarfs and things - just don't have enough of them...

  5. nitabita, i know where you're coming from. i'd like to wear it too, but need to keep the pants up! i was thinking a visit to the tailor to cinch in the waist of my jeans might do the trick. (it's hard to find pants that fit in the hips and the waist.) anyways, i'm going to give it a try soon, love the look.

  6. hey rebecca - thanks for the advice. would u believe that's not the first time someone has suggested to me to have my pants altered?

    You know how people gain a lot of weight, but still keep a closet full of clothes from when they were smaller? Well, I have a closet full of pants that are too big in the waist, and rather than either buying the right size or having them tailored, I put safety pins in them, like no one will notice that my pants are too big!

    For some reason, I think that one day i'll "fill out" and the pants will fit me right. Don't ask me where I got that idea from. I've been about the same size since I was 14. I feel like I need to be on Oprah or something.

  7. I have always loved the cinched waist look and have been wearing the belt around my waist for a few years now... it just makes you feel more feminine! What annoys me is the way a lot of women are wearing the belts- not at their waist- but right under their bust! It just looks silly like that!

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