August 3, 2006


I have been informed on last evening via email from NBC Universal that I have been chosen as a top 10 FINALIST FOR THE PROJECT RUNWAY FAN BLOG!!! Honestly, I feel like I've won already! Because you know, it's truly an honor just to be nominated... But seriously to anybody reading my blog, I need your vote. The winner will get to blog PROJECT RUNWAY for the rest of the season on the official site, and yes, I would sincerely like to do that, I really would. To vote for me, click here and vote for "Project Runway Crushes Dreams" by Chanel W. And I thank you.

Now for the Project Runway Season 3 Episode 4 recap...
Ok, so on last nights episode, the big mystery was solved what with the week of teasers making everyone wonder who Tim was going to ask to leave the show and all... Sorry Keith fans... but Keith had to go, and he had to take his illegal pattern books with him. I was like, Nooooo... Keith had hidden pattern books? In a fashion design competition? Are you kidding me? I knew that whoever was leaving the show had done something really bad and totally against the show rules, but something like that had never even crossed my mind. Sooo not cool Keith. And he acted totally busted, and humble when he was "found out", well actually, he wasn't "found out" Kayne was actually responsible for putting him on blast, and might I add was very pleased with himself for exposing the fraud. Kayne you need to remember too, nobody likes a snitch...

Now, I am a design school graduate. A fashion design grad to be exact and I still have my pattern books, and let me tell you, they are pretty graphic. You could probably give one to a non-sewer and they could completely figure out from the step-by-step guides how to do a straight tapered dart. So one person having an illegal pattern book in a fashion design competition while the others don't is like one person having a book of recipes in a cooking competition while the others are struggling to complete a chocolate souffle on their own with no guide at all. Not fair.

So now that we have the mystery expulsion exposed, follow along with me, will you, as I recap the rest of the show in about 10 seconds...
This was another "team" competiton where the teams had to design 3 looks for the Macy's Inc. Ready to wear line.
COMPLETE SHOCKER! ANGELA'S TEAM WINS! Or maybe it wasn't a shocker (considering who Angela had on her team-Laura and HELLO! Super designer Michael) Winners design would be mass produced for the ready-to-wear line and showcased in a Macy's window.
Judges completely disliked Bonnie's and Robert's designs. They disliked Bonnie's more, Bonnie was auf'd.
That's it! Until next time! Don't forget to vote for me! Thanks ya'll!
Chanel W.


  1. Okay, I just voted for you. Good luck!

  2. okay...i just put in voting skills to pay the bills...(damn that was cheesy)...but i voted for you...good luck....

  3. hey, i just voted for you 5 times and sent the link to my address book with a personal plea. I'll vote again tomorrow.

    did i ever mention how i really don't read the project runway part of the blog because i watch the reruns and you are RUINING THE ELIMINATIONS FOR ME!

    ..otherwise, u know i luv hip candy ;-)

  4. Thank you Fred Sanford of blog and nitabita for your votes, I appreciate them all...

  5. You're the only person I can tell I watch that show shhhhhhhhh

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