August 31, 2006

Catherine Malandrino Guest Judges This Weeks PR Challenge

Ok, this recap is going to be my fastest ever, so follow along with me, will you, as I recap last night's Project Runway episode in about 5 seconds...
Challenge: Design an outfit for a "Jet-setter", a "World Traveler".
Free Trip to Paris for the Designers! Woo-hoo!
The Winner of this challenge: Jeffrey. Boo! *super disappointed face*
Should have won: Who else? Mike. And might I add, his runway walk? KILLED IT. Loved it.
Auf'd: Angela. Those crazy "rosettes" ultimately did her in. Judges sent her packing from Paris as soon as she got there. That was just wrong.
Highlight of this week's show: Catherine Malandrino was the surprise guest judge! Ok, LOVE HER! LOVE HER STUFF! What? You didn't already KNOW that about me??? Until next time ya'll!


  1. I agree Mike should have won. But I guess they can't let him win everything. I thought he should have won last week to but oh well. Should be in the top 2. Because he is really good. His pants he designed was banging. The shirt was nice too. His entire look was GREAT on him.

  2. Can I just say that Jeffery is evil to the bone?! I TRAEH him (that's HEART spelled backwards).

    Wasn't this the cruelest episode ever? They put Angela on a plane all the way to Paris, just to put her back on to send her home. Catherine, in her very blunt French accent, tells Kayne that he looks ridiculous - like a fake rock star. I really felt bad for both of them.

    Please throw Jeffrey from the plane or send him on a "secret mission" to the Eiffel Tower while everyone else goes to the something to get rid of him!

    "...there was at least one other challenge that I felt I should have won." NO JEFFERY, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE WON LAST NIGHT. THE PRODUCERS ARE JUST TRYING TO MAKE GOOD TV. YOU ARE NO COMPETITION TO MICHAEL! Auuuggghhh!

  3. Oooh, and I missed it. I guess I can see the re-run next wed, but it's just not the same.

  4. Oh lawd, don't play. LUV ME SOME CM! :)

  5. Michael has been my fav since episode 1. He knocked it out the box with the dress constructed from coffee filters! If he doesn't win... I'll be pissed! Love Catherine Malandrino, Elie Tahari and Tracy Reese. Usually, I love Marc Jacobs. Not feeling his Fall '06 collection. I like a lot of the pieces (alone), not the layered look.

  6. Well having Catherine Malandrino as a guest judge simply tells the quality of the competition. As we all know that Catherine Malandrino was great when it comes to fashion and the design itself.