August 31, 2006

Cute, Not Cute - 2006 MTV VMA's

I'd like to start this edition of "Cute, Not Cute" off on a super happy note, because, believe me when I tell you, it goes downhill REAL FAST, so let's get started, shall we? The MTV Video Music Awards went down in New York City earlier today... Shakira wowed on the red carpet as I thought she looked quite lovely...

She's so much more polished than when she first arrived on the scene. Remember that extra frizzy blonde/black hair she had? She did good to rid herself of that... Final answer here? CUTE.
Lauren Conrad (LC) of "The Hills". I must say, I don't think I've ever seen her mess up badly. I think the dress is super cute, fun and flirty, a very appropriate look for the MTV VMA's. LC's whole look? CUTE.

Christina is rockin' this throwback look... and rockin' it, and rockin' it, and rockin' it some more. I don't think that I'm alone in thinking that maybe it's time to... oh, I don't know... change it up a bit? Try a different flavor? I mean, she's such a pretty girl, with the cutest little shape, there's so many looks that would work on her. Her vintage styling is all becoming a bit rote to me... Final answer here? Meh..

Ok, this is where it all starts to go downhill... WHAT IN THE SISTER EVE, MOTHER GENEVA WEARING MESS DOES JENNIFER LOPEZ HAVE ON??? What in the world does she think she's doing here? STYLIN'??? NOT! And she need not look so pleased with herself in that top shot, because this outfit is one of the weirdest messes I've seen in a while. From that "head wrap" to the ridiculous sleeves on that "dress" to those hooker boots... wrong, wrong, WRONG. Sooo NOT CUTE.

Jessica showed up to the VMA's with a new short do. But new do aside, is it just me, or does Jessica Simpson look a bit hefty in the shoulder area here? She looks like a FULLBACK to me... NOT CUTE. Particularly on a girl...

There's something about the fit of this dress on Vanessa Minnillo that's not right... or maybe it's just the way she's posing? I don't know, it looks off a bit to me, which is making me think it's just NOT CUTE.

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I need something here. You wanna know what I need? I desperately need for Tina Knowles to go and sit down somewhere and let professionals completely handle the styling of her daughter. Now if Tina didn't make this, I'll take back everything that I'm saying right here. But that's doubtful, as this dress REEKS of Tina Knowles' uber-tacky taste. When has Tina EVER done a dress or outfit [for Beyonce] that wasn't garish and completely over the top? This dress is just too much for me. Less is more Tina, less is more... NOT CUTE.
until next time ya'll...

SIDE NOTE CORRECTION: Staying true to my word, I said I would take back everything I said about Tina Knowles making the dress that Beyonce is wearing, as it was in fact, VERSACE. This inaccurate assumption on my part in no way excuses Tina from future futile fashion attempts.


  1. Lovin' the first two looks. Not sure why Christina has morphed herself into this 20's flapper. I thought it was cute at first, now I'm a little sick of it... it just doesn't work for everyday. What in the name of Sweetface is Jenny from the block wearing? Is she channeling Ali MacGraw? I know that the 80's are making a comeback (not for me, I lived it quite tackily the first time around), but WTF is up with the En Vogue body dress that Jessica is wearing? I have not issues with Vanessa's dress, didn't really get a good look at that one. I thought Beyonce's dress was just plain ugly. I can't even come up with anything witty to say on that. I hated her performance and sat with bated breath waiting for her or one of her dancers to trip over those long-ass coats.

  2. Yes it's time for Christina to let it go. The dress does nothing for me, as well as Beyonce's dress, it's tooo much going on. J.Lo.. I'll leave that alone!

  3. Chanel....
    I've always wanted to ask your views about celebs..i.e, Eve,Snoop,JLo,Tina Knowles and now Tupacs sister, who have no formal fashion education, but create clothing lines based on nothing more than they felt like it...I can't express my views. It would take to looooong. Poor Beyonce reminds me of when I was little and mama MADE me wear something SHE liked. Hmmmmmmmmmm! Love,your blog

  4. The only thing that about Bee's dress that hurts my fashion heart is the material.Its just too clingy and long. I was more than shocked that she didn't trip over it to get her award! Vanessa's dress would look a lot better is she had a snap more of hip and preferably if the dress were in different color. Its sort of washing her color out!

  5. Hey chelleinatl-
    my thoughts on celebs who start clothing lines just for kicks and giggles, and because they can (they have the available $$$) if I'm being honest, I don't really like it, (the playing field is not level when you compare a celebrity with an established name and an unknown, but very talented designer with no name recognition) Most of the time the majority of celebs are just tacking their names on other peoples hard work with absolutely no involvement of their own. But, its a huge money maker for them most of the time, so you will see more and more of it.

  6. Chanel,
    That is so true: Jessica Simpson Shoes!

  7. JLo seems over dressed to me.
    I like the color scheme though. Shakira looks nice. The dress is simple and clean. I like simple sexy styles.

  8. I liked Beyonce's dress. But I love it when people assume she is wearing HOD when it's actually a big designer name. She switches it up from time to time.

  9. i love beyonce...and who the hell says uber? wtf is that?

  10. @the anonymous commenter just above this one... LOL! When I read your comment, it made me HOLLER! I know, you're right...

    ***phasing "uber" out***

  11. still NOT a huge Beyonce fan though... that changes NOT.

  12. WTF! who tha hell said it had to be something you wear everyday! its a freakin awards show... you have to be glamorous.stop hatin. im wearin this to prom!

  13. u lot need a betta hobby because frm what i cn see u lot r sooooo jelous of these ppl.