August 20, 2006

Cute, Not Cute: Weekend Edition

Dancing with the Stars Cheryl Burke attended the 58th Annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on yesterday. Now, anyone who has watched Dancing with the Stars knows Cheryl, and those people that know her, KNOWS that she is nowhere near as plump as she appears to be in this dress. It's that blasted satin fabric! Such an unforgiving fabric on even the most petite frames. Like I told you guys before, satin is NOT your friend. Final answer? While Cheryl is cute, the fit of the dress is NOT.

Oh boy. Aiesha Tyler. *sigh* But wait a minute... is that.. VELVETEEN??? No flippin' way! Aiesha, for such a tall and beautiful girl, you can show up to people's red carpet rocking some of the fugliest attire. If your stylist picked this, she needs to be popped in the head. Hard. If YOU picked it, well you just need to call me, STAT! Final answer? This velveteen (it's summer!), schoolgirl, puritanical, pilgrim bowed frock is definitely NOT CUTE.

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Idlewild Soundtrack listening party, Aug. 19
Shaun Robinson, Malinda Williams and Omarosa.
Cute... cute... let's just keep it moving, K?...

Kim @ BFF Paris Hilton's Record Release Party on Aug. 18

Kim Kardashian. I must say, I'm not the biggest fan of hers, but I do think she's a pretty girl, and she's also usually well put together on the red carpet. But I must say, the REAL stars of this particular photo are the Christian Louboutin heels - hands down! Those glossy nail-varnish red soles have become a Louboutin trademark, so they are the obvious giveaway. I mean, do you SEE these shoes! If only they weren't $600 a pair... Sooo, my final answer here? Even though she's not one of my fave's, I can give credit where it's due. From head to toe. Especially toe. CUTE.

Nikki Hilton. OK, I don't know what's up with Nikki, but the last couple hundred pictures I've seen of her have been truly awful and just oozing with fug. And unfortunately, she does nothing AT ALL to improve that right here. NOT CUTE.

That's it for now, until next time ya'll!


  1. I agree, satin is not our friend! Shaun and Malinda look great. I so sick of Omarosa and her new boobage. I'm sure she paid good money for them but must the always be on display? I love the Loubous too. The price tag hurts my heart! You may want to check Handmade in Italy... they are an eBay dealer (I buy from them and they are very reputable) and they have excellent prices.

  2. So right! I don't know what's been up with this chick's stylist lately. Or is it the need of a stylist that seems to be the problem?! ;)