August 15, 2006

Fashion No No...

Oh boy...

seen at Juicy News


  1. sometimes bad things happen to good tatoos...

    hot mess: 1. an intense disturbing, confusing, and troublesome state of affairs. 2. Sensless confusion and discontinuity; extreme chaos.

  2. Maybe if she stood up straight, used good posture, lost the tattoos, smiled maybe... uhhh might have been somewhat not painful to look at, otherwise.... and I quote "hot mess!"

  3. Looks like Kimberly Elise gone SO wrong...

  4. LOL.. I like Jacki O. She seems real to me..I interviewed her once she's cool but she does have a lot of tattoos. She's gangsta so I think thats part of her personal style..

  5. I just tried to stand up.. Aaaand I tipped over.

  6. I don't see the problem with this picture. It's a very nice dress and a good color on her.

    Maybe we're supposed to think the tattoos are a fashion don't?? That's just crazy. She looks fine.

    It's wonderful to see women sporting full sleeves because of the past taboo associated with women and tattoos.

    She looks great... tattoos and all.