August 1, 2006

Hair Etiquette...

I first learned of this clip on of Barbara Walters clearly crossing the line of personal space during 2 separate tapings of "The View". In the first part of the clip, she is touching guest host Brandy's hair, without permission, and tugging and pulling Tanika Ray's hair in the 2nd part! Why does Barbara feel entitled to do this? Nichelle over at Anovelista does a whole PSA on the subject of Not touching a Black Woman's hair Ever, and I must say I agree with her wholeheartedly, you really shouldn't put your hands in anybody's hair, unless you already know them really well. But watch the clip and judge it for yourself, I want to know what you think...


  1. Hey Chanel,

    You'll probably hear from a lot of people on this. Even outside of my comments, I got a lot of hits based on that post.

    The moral of the story? DO NOT TOUCH A BLACK WOMAN'S HAIR - EVER!


    Cute blog - keep it up!

  2. Please don't start me on Barbara Walters! She does what she does because she's a media matriarch and NO ONE is going to challenge her - if they ever want to be on or survive on TV. Of course, Barb isn't the only person who's been guilty of poor hair etiquette on the journey. Speaking of hair...I'm trying to get a new look. I love watching all the new styles - weaves, no weaves, wigs...whatever. Usually when I see a style I like I tell the person,"I really like your hair." Most of the time they share the real deal. Thanks for the insight Hip Candy!

  3. I think "Barb" needs to keep her hands to herself and know that just like a woman's age and weight some things you just don't ask, especially not on national TV let alone do the unthinkable... i.e. no touch the hair!! Just know that we (black women) do many different things with our hair for the many different looks we want to dispaly.

  4. AMEN to all of the above!!! You know when people get to a certain point in their fame, and power, they feel as though they can do anything. Seems like Ms. Walters has reached that point, and she needs to step down a bit. And she's not the only person who feels it's ok to explore someone else's hair by means of touching, pulling or prying, I think some people are just that clueless...Anywho, take a note, put it on a sticky, tell your friends.... DON'T TOUCH THE HAIR. It's not a hard principal to grasp.

  5. Well, perhaps I'm a bit old fashioned, but when a person pulls your hair - It's always been kind of a gesture of affection to me. Unless of course they do it offensely. It's all in the manner of the touch. Soft, and gentle = kind and loving. Hard and abrupt = insulting and unwanted. Either way, its always OK to ask, May I and then it becomes optional to both parties.

  6. You know, my first reaction was that the infringement on personal space was due to cultural curiosity...but then I remembered that I personally have had that experience with my people as well. I'm sure Babs feels a certain sense of entitlement, but based on my personal experiences, I just think it's one of those stigmas that people have always wanted to know about, but were afraid to ask...until they get in a safe, public place where your reaction is prone to be less violent.

    I always wanted to know what dreadlocks felt like. Never craved rubbin' my fingers through a jheri curl though...