August 9, 2006

Heidi Klum - Pregnancy Perfection...

Heidi shows the world that you can be knocked up (for the 3rd time) and still fabulous as ever! Do what you do Heidi!

Heidi promoting the new Victoria's Secret Bra "The Body" today (Aug. 9) in New York City (left photo, headed to CBS The Early Show & right photo at NYC Victoria's Secret Store in Herald's Square)


  1. Ok, I'm not stalking this blog or anything ;-)... but I was JUST talking about this woman! She needs to write or book or something on how to keep a BANGIN' BODY when you've got a bun in the oven, cause I'm gonna need some tips the next time around (in the far, far future)- And those SHOES!!! *Sighs* I love shoes...

  2. Stalk this blog ALL YOU WANT SARAH! Hip Candy stalkers are THE BEST!!!

  3. Heidi is my inspiration. Now I know that it is possible to be a baby makin' machine and still be a hot mama! Kinda makes me look forward to it (like Sarah B., in the far, far...okay maybe not that far, future).

  4. It really is crazy how good she looks. Honestly, she is glowing! It's so unfair - I couldn't look half as good and I'm not even carrying baby #3!