August 17, 2006

Janet's Promotional Thing Continues...

Janet Jackson continues to promote for her upcoming album, "20 Years Old" as she makes the cover of the August 21 issue of Life & Style magazine on newstands tomorrow...

More promotional pics...

the long belted black trench with the black pants... fabulous.
Until next time!


  1. as I commented elsewhere...I am sooo over Janet.

  2. I can't hate on janet. No, she can't sing, but that's no secret. I saw her show in New Orleans a few years ago, and nobody can dance for 2 hours straight like she did. There would be no Ciara, Britney, or Beyonce if it weren't for Miss Jackson.

    Her body is bangin' and she and Halle are redefining what 40+ looks like. Do your thang Janet!

  3. Totally agree Nita. 40 is the new 20!

  4. So that makes me younger than Sydney!!! I don't know if I like that rule... ;-)