August 10, 2006

Michael Wins One For Foxy Brown...

It's about time!!! The Project Runway judges finally woke up from their naps (because they have SERIOUSLY been sleeping on Michael...) as Michael wins this week's Icon challenge! His first individual win! And it was a big one! The winner of this weeks challenge would receive a spread in ELLE Magazine with the styling done by Tresemme. Michael should have won a few more of the previous non-team challenges as well, but I'm over that now, so I'll just move on... Designers were hit hard with not being able to choose their models this week, as the models were asked to choose the designers. And if that didn't scare them (the designers) enough, the models were also asked to pick the style icons that the designers would have to use as inspiration for their designs. Follow along with me, will you, as I run down the rest of the Project Runway style icon episode...
Michael's model chose Pam Grier *WINNER* The tailoring and the fit of Michael's hot pants... FLAWLESS. And let me just add that Michael masterfully cranked those shorts out in the 11th hour as he changed his mind and had to redo the whole bottom half of his look. If you watched it, you witnessed a professional at work right there... Angela's model chose Audrey Hepburn - Angela's dress made a surprisingly close 2nd place finish IMO... Kayne's model chose Marilyn Monroe - I thought the dress was a sort of Modern take on a Marilyn dress, but something about the back of it wasn't quite right to me... Jeffrey's model chose Madonna - but I have to say, Jeffrey's Madonna dress looked like something you'd pull out of a dumpster... horrible. Will the judges just eliminate him already! Aside from him being a flippin' know-it-all, those unsightly neck tattoos creep me out... Uli's model chose Diana Ross - Uli's dress was nice, but her stuff is beginning to look all the same to me... Robert's model chose Jackie O. - Such high expectations for Robert doing Jackie O., unfortunately he failed to deliver, his outfit was boring and ill-fitting, putting him in the bottom 2 for the 2nd week in a row. Robert will really have to bring it next week if he plans on staying... Alison's model chose Farrah Fawcett, and I have to say, I wasn't at all excited about what she turned out either, it was pretty *blah* to me... Laura's model chose Katherine Hepburn, and though she pretty much hit Katherine's style spot on, the styling of her outfit was ho hum as well... Vincent's model chose Twiggy, and before I go on, is it just me, or does Vincent remind you of Woody Allen? Maybe that's just me... Anyway, Vincent's plaid patch dress looked like bad upholstery. And finally, Bradley... sweet Bradley. Bradley's model chose Cher. Somehow you knew this would be Bradley's final week in the competition when he announced to the camera's that he knew NOTHING about Cher. I liked Bradley, I thought he was sweet and quirky, almost never in a foul mood... should he have even been in this competition? Probably not. He just seemed perplexed by every design task since the season started... anyway, he was eliminated this week basically for creating an outfit that looked like foil and white styrofoam. So there you have it, super designer Michael finally wins a challenge and it was soooo well deserved. And listen to me when I tell you this, Michael is definitely the one to watch, the rest of 'em have some serious catching up to do. Until next time ya'll!



    I'm too excited. That outfit was absolute perfection. I love his style. He is definitely the top contender. I think Kayne will come in at #2. The 3rd spot is still open, although I wouldn't be surprised if Angela makes it in (remember Wendy Pepper?).

    Anyway, congrats to Michael. Nobody can doubt that you are the true talent in this competition. When I make it big, you'll be what I'm wearing (in addition to Hip Couture of course)!

  2. That outfit is fire! I need some Michael in my life!

    And the model's hair...LOVE is the exact look I am trying to acheive with my 'fro...but for some reason the last time I tried to set my hair, I ended up looking like big Worm. I guess I am going to probably have to use a smaller rod.

  3. i was so happy when michael won it this week! brotha's representing for the atl. :)

    initially i wasn't feeling kane's dress but then when they were standing there with the models and i checked it again, i thought the dress was dang near flawless. it'll be interesting to see him take on challenges where he's not making a dress.

    that jackie o outfit was oooowful, but as bad as it was, it STILL wasn't as bad as the cher costume. when i saw it on the runway the first thing that came to my mind was "made in korea"...i mean, that thing looked cheap AND tacky, and i like to give folk the benefit of a doubt for effort but DANG. it looked like dude didn't even bother to put effort into it.

  4. Chanel, *very* cool blog! I hope you don't mind if I post a link to it on mine.

    You are *so* right about Uli's dresses starting to all look alike -- I laughed out loud when I read that because I never even put it together. But yeah -- they really *are* looking the same!

    And -- OK, I have to defend Robert -- did you listen to Tim Gunn's podcast? He told a secret not revealed on the TV show. Diane von Furstenburg listened quietly to Michael Kors and Nina Garcia while they complained about Jackie O never wearing a suit like that, and then she said, "I knew Jackie very well. And she WOULD wear Robert's suit." Oooo! Dishy!

    (I adore Tim Gunn's candor on his podcasts!)

    But as much as I like Robert, Michael is completely my favorite, and he would have to *really* mess up now to lose my loyalty. He's wonderful in so many ways.

    Can't wait until next week!

  5. bay-
    'preciate the info on the podcasts! Wow, they totally leave out the good stuff don't they?

    I'm with you, Michael will have to crash and burn before I turn my back on him! Right now, he's the one to beat!

  6. Man... you guys said everything I was thinkin... makes no since to repeat it. Go Michael!