August 23, 2006

Project Runway Quickie Recap

What fun! This week designers had to design for the "everyday woman". Little did they know that the show would bring in their very own Mother's and Sister's! But ya'll know there was a twist. Designers could NOT choose their own relatives! *bummer* But as you know of course, designers had to "Make it Work", follow along with me, will you, as I recap the episode in about 15 seconds...

Vincent designed for Uli's Mom (Heidi) Not bad. Vincent wins? WHY!!!
Jeffery designed for Angela's Mom (Darlene) Jeffrey spews poisonous venom all over Angela's mom. He then proceeds to design the ugliest dress EVER for her. Horrifying.
designed for Michael's Mom (Pamela) What was going on with that top???
Laura designed for Jeffrey's Mom (Pam) The sailor dress idea was a nice idea in theory but the finished product wasn't tailored well at all.
Michael designed for Robert's sister (Theresa) A reversible shirt dress? Genius! Another fabulous creation from the superstar designer!
Uli designed for Kayne's Mom (Judy) The print queen chose a wonderful print that actually worked on a larger woman. Nice.
Angela designed for Laura's Mom (Lorraine) Tiered fringe? Didn't like it. At all.
Robert designed for Vincent's Sister (Patricia) And to me, Robert just draped red and black fabric over Vincent's sister and called it a day. So unflattering. I didn't like it. Judges didn't like it. Robert had no more chances. He was auf'd.

That's it for now! Until next time!


  1. LOL!!!

    Why did dude go hard on moms like that, and he stayed! That's forver the homie LOL

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  2. The winning design does not photograph well.

  3. Keli-
    I thought the same thing...