August 18, 2006

Style Verdict - VS Coveralls?

I know, I haven't really done a style verdict in a while, so when I got my new CURRENT Victoria's Secret catalogue last weekend and saw these cropped coveralls by Level 99 inside, I was speechless. It was time.

I usually try to refrain from being overly opinionated, particularly so in my style verdict entries because I truly want to hear YOUR opinions on the trend. But this... this is just.. not right. First of all, what is something like this even doing in the Victoria's Secret Catalogue? Cropped coveralls? And please, don't EVEN get me started on the back of these things *shudder*. But wait, it gets better, peep the description of the "cropped coveralls":

Country girl chic hits the street. Adjustable twill suspenders with leather detail. Relaxed fit. Slim leg opening. Contrast stitching. Imported cotton denim/spandex. 25" inseam, uncuffed. Sizes XS-L. #201-704 $148.

Country girl chic hits the street? $148??? Are you kidding me? Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against coveralls, I own a pair of REGULAR ones, difference is, I'm not trying to style, pose and vogue in 'em, then wear 'em with heels to go out on the town. Uh-uh. Nope. If that's what's "in" and what's "now", then I'm sorry, but I haven't reached that level of chicness yet, and I'm pretty chic... most of the time. Now that I've spewed my opinion all over it, I wanna know what YOU think. Do you love it? Hate it? Don't care? Would YOU wear it? I wanna know YOUR style verdict.


  1. I wouldn't wear 'em but I do think they're cute for the younguns like my teenaged daughter. They are a little too "grunge" for my taste... my personal style is much more polished. There was segment on the Today Show this morning on teen fashion and coveralls were shown layered (ala Marc Jacobs) worn over a hoodie and a little tailored jacket on top.

  2. I hate it, hate it, hate it! Maybe it's because I'm from Missouri and people really wore stuff like this to school when I was growing up (without the heels of course!). But I just think my $100+ could be spent on MUCH cuter things!!

  3. Girl! I got this issue and remember thinking the SAME THING... what ARE they thinking? This is nuts... I'm an avid V.S. catalog shopper, I think you sparked it Chanel, anyway, when I saw this I turned the page as quickly as possible. Oh, and they are WRONG for that price. Don't like it won't wear it, my verdict... GUILTY of 1st DEGREE FASHION SLAUGHTER!

  4. My verdict is HAHAHAHAHA!!! Or should I say, those are so Mischa Barton? (This is my mean side.) If these sold for $40 or less, they'd be fine for anyone in grade 10 or under. But for a grown woman? With heels and a hat and sockettes?! Verdict: overall fetishists only. That is, don't wear these outside the house, please!

    (And "relaxed fit" + "slim leg opening" = "we emphasize your gut". Greeeeat.)