August 27, 2006

The Very Unexciting 2006 Emmy Awards Red Carpet...

The 2006 Emmy Awards taped tonight in Los Angeles, and I gotta tell you, I wasn't moved by the red carpet style this year. I mean the whole red carpet scene was literally a great big yawn.
Or maybe I needed a nap...

I guess Tyra looked ok enough... she looks a little plastic in her close up shot though...

I thought Shaun Robinson looked nice....

Cheryl Hines looks fine from the front, but when she turns around...

my first thought was, ewww. I understand the look she was going for (remember the dress by designer Elie Saab that Halle Berry wore when she won the Oscar for Monster's Ball? Yeah it was a horrible movie, but that dress she wore was fabulous), the back of Cheryl's dress just looks like a bad skin condition.

Ok, listen to me, I'm about to be very serious here. Under NO circumstances are RACING STRIPES EVER an appropriate accent on a formal gown. Ever.

Vanessa Manillo looks ok here, but I think that the dress would have been cuter if there wasn't so much going on with it. All of the embellished gold accents make it seem more suited for a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars". Or for a belly dancer.

Eva Longoria. People see her as this style star, but I gotta tell you, she misses more than she hits in my opinion. You can let me know what you think, but her dresses don't always fit her correctly. Now that could be because she's like a size 0, but that's what tailors are for. But again, that's just my humble opinion. I think I'll go and take that nap now... until next time.


  1. I totally agree with you in regards to Eva Longoria.

    Vanessa Manillo's dress may have looked better had it been ankle lentgh.

    And we are not going to even discuss that pink monstrosity.

    Tyra actually looks the best.

  2. Ohh I loved Cheryls dress!! I didn't know what to think about Eva Longria's.. I agree, she misses more then she hits with me also. But ppl. seem to love her ass!!

  3. mmmmmmmm

    Shaun Robinson, I heart her old ass

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