September 8, 2006

2007 NY Fashion Week - Rachel Roy

New York Fashion Week kicked off this week, so I decided that I would cover only the designers that I know and love... or at least like a lot, because fashion week in New York is seriously massive. Multitudes of designers are currently in New York showing off their 2007 spring lines right now.

Rachel Roy is a designer whose work I recently came to appreciate, as she designs pieces for classy, uptown type broads, like I pretend to be sometimes. I like her style. Still baffled that Damon Dash snagged such a chic and sophisticated lady though, that will forever remain a mystery to me...

Anyhoo, pics of her 2007 Spring presentation are below for your viewing pleasure... Happy Friday!

{Click pics for a closer view}


  1. I love Rachel's style and her designs. That a-line jacket is so cute and I so glad that style is lingering into Spring because I'm in the process of making a similar style with that inverted pleat for Fall.

  2. Ok, I'm loving the yellow dress. Yellow has been my fave color this summer!!

  3. Nikky, I'm with you. I love the Yellow Dress. The collection seem very Jackie O to me. Don't think I will be trying to creat this look for less.

  4. i wasn't too sure about rachel roy, thinking she was a dame dash puppet but the clothes have changed my mind! the yellow dress is the winner for sure...

  5. I love the line! It seems Jackie O inspired and I love Jackie O's style. I knew she was married to the Dash but I saw him on tv last week in his Chelsea home in London and he opened this drawer full of birth control for men and then went and got in the jacuzzi full of women...??? what's up with that?

  6. I love her elegant and refined style. It makes any woman want to elevate her wardrobe with clothing from her line.