September 12, 2006

Awww Yeah. Countdown to B-Day...

Ring the alarm! And, NO, it's not for Beyonce, but it's for my BIRTHDAY which will happen exactly 30 days from today! And anybody that knows me, KNOWS that I make a big huge deal out of my birthday every year, and if you don't know... now you know. One month from today (October 12) I'll be turning a year older but today starts the countdown! So in an effort to help you to get to know me a little better, within these next 30 days, in between my fabulous style and entertainment posts, I'm gonna try and help you to get to know me better, starting with my My Space page! Hey! I'm on My Space! Still don't completely understand My Space (took me like an hour to figure out how to add a friend), but I have a page! And 2 friends! Well, one of 'em is "Tom" and I think he becomes everybody's friend when they sign up... but anyway, check me out, as a couple of my colleagues kept telling me I needed one for my biz... And, for ONE MONTH ONLY, to stay in the "celebratory and festive mood" of my upcoming birthday, you can "boogie to your best ability" to my "throwback old-school hip-hop mix" cuz this fashionista is straight old school son (ok, that was real fun to type :-)... Born in the 70's and grew up in the 80's like me? Just like to "break it down"? Don't hurt yourself on the old school mix... let the countdown begin!

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  1. I think I have found someone has bad as me. I start the b-day countdown 30 days before my birthday too. I always tell everyone that it is my favorite holiday, (after the celebration of Christ's birthday). And as for myspace, I guess I am the only one who refuses to go there. Maybe one day. Happy early birthday!

  2. My birthday is next Friday, the 22nd. I was born in the 70s and a teenager in the 80s... a real "Fly Girl"!

    Re: you post on my blog. Me and the mags... that's an issue in my house too. I keep them shelved my magazine and them by month until the season changes and then I clean house (with the exception of Vogue). Yeah, my husband loves lifting that box!

  3. LOL!!! I'll add you on Myspace.. and delete Tom girl!!