September 7, 2006

Designer Shoes At Payless

Designers going discount. The trend continues (it doesn't stop... did you see the story below? Vera Wang is available at Kohl's too...). Just got this in my inbox tonight. And I know that there were some strong style opinions shared on my last Payless post, but I thought these were rather nice looking. Hey! Designer shoes at PAYLESS! The throwback style "Oliver" pumps, $25.
These kinda remind me of the movie "Casablanca"

Designer Laura Poretzky who designed for Ralph Lauren before launching her own line of swimwear by the name Abaete' (pronounced ah-BYE-ah-tay... I know, I didn't know how to say it either) which is her family name. Click here to see some of her work.

This is the suede "Sky" boot that's available in black and brown for the non-designer price of $45. Also noteworthy is the "Casey" Ballerina flat, available for just $20, cute. Discount designer ya'll... and at the risk of sounding like a old school McDonald's commercial... I'm lovin' it!


  1. Guess I'll be shopping at Payless this fall!

  2. Those boots are cute, but everyone and their mama will have them. Or at least everyone that I work with. All the ladies in my office are Payless shoppers...except for me. I had to help a girl super glue her heel one day, and that did it for me. Not to mention that is where my mother used to take my shoe shopping so I swore once I made my own money, I would not buy discount shoes. But it's nice to see designer shoes at an affordable price.

  3. I usually only hit up Payeless during Spring & Summer seasons.... But this may be worth looking in to. Oh, and Keli, I guess I'm turning into my mother, b/c I'm guilty of putting my daughter in Payless shoes...She knows she has a collection of flip flops and sandals from Payless!!! But only the cute ones of course... not those orthopedic looking blinking shoes...anyhoo...When kids are as young as mine is(toddlers), they grow out of shoes every 2 months. And though my daughter does get an occassional pair of Diesels or some nice Dress shoes, my wallet is much happier with replacing the payless shoes every 2 months! ;-)

  4. When is MY payless going to start having these shoes in stock!!!!! I love them!

  5. Those are cute... I'll have to check into these for my daughter "The Shoe Wrecker"!

  6. Good idea. Payless needs more of a selection. This should work. I like the suede boot. I'd rock them with some jeans that are extra tight. So tight I would have to lay down to put them on. But like Mariah said..If they look good...

  7. I usually avoid payless like the plauge because of the eeaaap- chugger (brokebitch) effect they usual add to your outfit but these are really nice looking. Someone at the shoe source is like "listen if you want the younger crowd in here you better give them a shoe that screams diva! and not diva on a budget."
    Now will I have to worry about lose heels? damage to my delicate toes? OMG, will there be...dare I say it rubbing UHHH!!! corn starters..

    Really, I will look into the boot it really looks nice. great pick

    Keep it cute