September 29, 2006

House of Dereon Interview Gets Shut Down in Chicago...

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI wasn't even gonna post this, but after watching it, I felt compelled. I first saw it at Juicy News, and I gotta tell you, the stuff is just not all the way together in the House of Dereon camp. First of all, why stop an interview just because you don't like the question? At the level that Beyonce has risen to, they should know that everything that comes at them is not gonna be positive. You should be prepared for whatever. And this isn't the first time I've seen Tina get all defensive. Where are their handlers? Do they even have a PR person? Because to me, when people witness defensive type behavior like this, people are going to naturally assume the worst. The interview felt real "amateur-ish" and Beyonce seems really "plastic" and too "rehearsed", like a performer and not a real person. And they should be waaaaay past bumbling through an interview this way, but you read it then watch it, and let me know what you think... The headline says that Beyonce cut off the interview, but it was really Tina... Beyonce just sat there like some kind of clueless wind up doll, and if I sound harsh, I'm just getting real tired of seeing them exhibit this same behavior over and over, so if you don't see it that way, I certainly welcome your point of view...

Beyonce Cuts Off Interview About New Clothing Line
CBS 2 Had Asked About Concerns From Local Boutiques

(CBS) CHICAGO Chicago fans were showing their love for Beyonce Knowles on Thursday. The pop diva was in town to launch her new clothing line. But as Dana Kozlov shows us, the love-fest stopped when a CBS 2 reporter asked a hard-nosed question about Beyonce's fashions.

The international singing sensation and her mother, Tina Knowles were at Macy's on State Street to promote their new clothing lines and in-store boutique.“The clothes appeal to everyone; the working woman, the teenager, the trendy woman,” Beyonce said.And no surprise - they drew an adoring crowd."It was really awesome. I love her so much and I don't know it was really amazing,” said one fan.

The new, higher end line is called House of Dereon. Allyson Masters, the owner of Impressions Boutique in Wheaton said the pieces are beautifully made.But she said there's just one problem, the sizing was all wrong.“I could not get the two tops I received to fit anybody," Masters said.The owners of other area boutiques have expressed similar concerns. And many were still waiting for a call back from the company on Thursday.But these are concerns Knowles public relations people were apparently not prepared to address. When CBS 2's Consumer Reporter Dorothy Tucker asked about those concerns, the interview abruptly came to an end.
To watch the interview, click here.


  1. I love Beyonce as an entertainer...she can sing and dance her but off, but she and Mama Tina are not the most articulate people. It seems as though they have a hard time conveying their point. They really should hire a PR person, but Beyonce is a huge name and this is why House of Dereon probably uses her instead of someone with a PR background. I have never heard a statement from camp Beyonce given by a's either her mother or father speaking on her behalf. I also don't think she is the only celebrity guilty of this.

  2. Typical. Beyonce and her family strike me as phony. I mean they've already been sued over the clothing line. So this interview to me just shows them being defensive/guilty of something. Why stop the interview? They must have something to hide.

  3. I don't even know what to say on this. That was so unprofessional. They really need a publicist at their side at all times. As a journalist you ask a legitimate question and Mama Tina is ready to cut you!

  4. I couldn't agree more, Beyonce is a great entertainer/performer but in every interview she comes across as plastic. Someone should have briefed them.

  5. yeah I thought the whole thing was unprofessional, there are more respectful and tasteful ways to not answer a question. Something like sizes being incorrect needs to be address, it will be sooner or later they should have seen it as a chance to explain the problem most people would love to have that chance cause its rare that people go to the source instead of picking up random rumors about things.