September 26, 2006

I Heart Black & White...

Liya Kebede.
I LOVE black and white. Black and white photography, old black and white movies, the colors black and white. Black and white together make for a classic style combination. Black and white movies, like classic Alfred Hitchkock, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Jimmy Stewart movies are some of the best. There's nothing like spending a lazy evening on the sofa, with a pillow and blanket, and warm fuzzy socks, eating your fave ice cream while watching a classic black and white. Love, love, LOVE! And black and white photography, to me, is the absolute creme of the crop, it holds so much more drama than color. I heart black and white!

Janet. Ms. Jackson, if ya nasty...

Marilyn Monroe.

Angelina Jolie.

Dorothy Dandridge.


  1. I love black and white too. It just so classic to me so I always think it makes everything so beautiful...if you like black and white photoragphy check out