September 6, 2006

Project Runway Designs Couture...

Hey ya'll, here's my Project Runway quickie recap of this week's episode:
Designers are still in Paris when they receive their next challenge from Ms. Malandrino. Catherine informs them that they will have to create a couture gown to be presented at a private party in their honor. They only have two days to do it! Follow along with me will you, as I recap this week's show in about 15 seconds:
Jeffrey wins again... big whoop.
Michael surprisingly has trouble this week, and this was, for me, tough to watch. I did admire his drive to tackle something he hadn't tried before though.
The judges think Laura's couture creation is "old and done".
Uli's dress I liked and would totally wear. It was good to see her change her style up even just a little bit.
Kayne's dress actually looked the most couture to me. Of course the judges hated it. But the detail and the "over the top-ness" of it looked like something that you would actually see on a couture runway.
Vincent TOTALLY TRIED TO PUSH UP ON Catherine Malandrino at the private party! Horrifying. And his glued together dress was not the smash hit he seemed to think it was. What was up with the front of the dress, the sleeves on the dress and that flower in the back of the dress? And the skirt looked like upholstery. I hated it. Judges hated it... Vincent was auf'd... finally. Now if we could only get rid of Jeffrey... until next time ya'll!


  1. I hate I missed this episode. I think he would have been hard for me to watch Michael struggle as well. He should bounce back fine in the next competition.

  2. My heart went out to Michael. I can't even imagine having to design and construct a couture gown in 2 days! That was very ambitious of him to want to take on doing all of that hand-sewn ruching and he had no experience in it. I liked Uli's gown, kinda of her thing with the braided straps. I just hate Jeffrey and that's that.

  3. BTW, you know he want to snatch that little MFer off of that balcony after he threw those eggs.

  4. He sure did Erica! I would have been mad too! He kept it together though, give me a glass of champagne STAT! lol!

  5. I am SO impressed with Michael's temperament! He just carries himself like he's got it all together, and yet is humble enough to recognize & admit when he's gone wrong. It was definitely hard to see him not be able to come through this week. But I still think he's got TOP talent, and I believe the judges are aware of it, too. I was nauseated by the way Vince smothered Catherine on the boat... he should have been gone 4 weeks ago. I have always been a fan of Uli, and I think I liked Kayne's dress the best this time... but then the judges killed it- I just didn't agree with anything they said, maybe it looked horrible in person or something. I can't wait to see Michael come back and show out!

  6. I guess I'll have to break from the crowd and agree with the judges that Kayne's dress was tacky. The bottom of it was gorgeous, but the rest was just too over the top. He had too much going on, as usual. It looked more like something you would wear to a Mardi Gras ball. I loved Uli's dress. She should have won. It was definitely hard to see Michael struggle, but everybody knows that he's the best designer on the show.

    Okay, now that Jeffrey has a couple of wins under his belt, it will be difficult to get him off the show unless he screws up royally. [SCREAM] He can't win, he's evil!

    My predictions:
    1. Michael
    2. Uli
    3. ...and sadly, Jeffrey (or Laura if she doesn't have a pregnancy hormonal breakdown)