September 13, 2006

So Long Kayne, Pageant Queen...

Last night's episode brought back 2 eliminated designers, Angela (Jeffrey wasn't at all happy) and Vincent. Follow along with me, will you, as I recap the episode that eliminated the eternal pageant gown designer...
This week's challenge was to design a cocktail outfit using only black and white fabric. The sub-challenge was that the designers had to use every inch of fabric that they purchased, no leftover scraps.
Laura wins this weeks challenge after having a mini breakdown. Her dress wasn't too much my taste, but judges felt she showed some diversity in her design, which is why she was this weeks winner.
Zac Posen loved Michael's design, no surprise there, as Michael is the absolute greatest.
Jeffrey's cocktail dress looked like Madonna from the 1980's. Still wasn't enough to eliminate him.
Vincent and Angela were being Vincent and Angela all over again, even on this, their second chance. They were immediatly eliminated... again.
Kayne tried to come out of his pageant box, but fell short. Judges commended him for not being such a "overly embellished" designer on this challenge, but he failed to use both black and white, as the front of his dress was fine, but the back of his dress looked... well, not cute. So, Kayne was auf'd. Down to the final 4! Next week's challenge will determine which 3 will show at New York's Olympus Fashion week!
Go Michael!


  1. UGH!!!

    I hate you!

    I had the show on Tivo...I come to your page....and look at the heading.

    you suck!

    hi :)

  2. I am rooting for Michael all the way!

  3. @ e.
    You Tivo EVERYTHING! Why are U never home to see anything on television???

  4. I KNEW there was something I was supposed to be watching last night...sheesh...I liked Kayne, but I'm happy as long as Michael stays in there ;-)

  5. I loved Michael's dress. I would wear it anytime!

    Just so sad that I have to wait 2 weeks to see the finale. Maybe they'll come up witha twist that Jeffrey just can't handle. Wouldn't that be poetic justice? Let him get to the final four and hear the sweet words, "Jeffrey, you're out."

    And just for the record...Vincent is soooo weird.