September 21, 2006

Super Crazy Top Model Chick...

Is this Monique chick trying to make somebody hurt her?


  1. I don't like her very much... she has to redeem herself!

  2. Yea, ok, so, she made me want to just slap her... you know, just go off. I definitely wouldn't be the passive one if I were stuck in a house like that (That's more my alter ego speaking, but you get the point).

    She needs to be put in her place, just once, and maybe then she'll get the picture. I kinda wish Eva was still on the show, b/c she would've been told Monique somethin!

  3. She indeed is/was...and somebody should've!

    doesn't help that she looks like that in the face (nice legs though)

    Alls I know is she betta not get in my Girlfriend Jaeda's face!

    Hey you!

    Say hi when you can


  4. She is super crazy, but she will probaly stay until the end for the ratings.

  5. Of course they are going to keep her around until the end... she brings plenty drama.