September 1, 2006

The Sweetest, Most Fabulously Luxurious, Weekend Link Post EVER.

The title of this link post was inspired by none other than Donald Trump. Everything he does is the "best in the world" let him tell it... but I guess he didn't get to where he is by thinking his stuff was just ai'iigt.

So many products, so little time. Let me tell you, you are gonna wanna make a shopping list at these 1st 3 ladies sites. Nichelle, [55 Secret Street], Samida [Stained Couture], and Annie [Blogdorf Goodman] really know their stuff when it comes to products. Nichelle is to be credited for my fabulous new exfoliating regimen, and for converting me to Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask. Love. Samida also has excellent hair, skin and fashion finds, and Annie loves her lip glosses fragrances. Recent posts that I liked:
Blogdorf Goodman post on Armani Code fragrance (intrigued...)
55 Secret Street post, "The Acid Queen" (Gonna try...)
Stained Couture post, "Wax On, Kiss Off, And Glow!" (On my list)

Feeling chill? Check out Eclectik (and his chill down music rotation) over at Eclectik-Relaxation or Daniel at History's Greatest. Both have "something for your mind"... Recent fave posts:
I Think, I Think II... Eclectik Relaxation
Poetic Depositories... History's Greatest

Nikky at Player's Vista has the cutest video ever of a baby breakdancer. Fun stuff.
Juiicy Scoop has video of Carlton Alfonso Ribeiro and Destiny's Child Michelle Williams in a celebrity duet. Good cheesy fun! Love it!
Miss Chi Chi has great photos of the VIP after party she was invited to after Usher's recent Broadway debut in New York...
Juicy News has a story about Whitney Houston wanting to get her life and career back on track.
Serenity on Style has pics of new handbag lineup from the Gap, cute.
Mahogany Girl is giving away tickets to see LaToya in concert this weekend!
Julia over at Fictionally has a great article on "Selling Out For 100 Million Dollars".
Too Much Awesomness has a cute article on Fall Fashions.
Erica over at Hooks and Needles shares her take on the Skinny Jeans trend - funny. (I've already succumbed to this trend last weekend... yeah...)
And finally, my good friend Nita, [Crazy as Road Lizard] who was formerly employed in a very high up position in the music industry, somehow got stuck in some kind of time warp over the last few years... funny, funny stuff.
I hope ya'll enjoy these awesome links! Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey Chanel - thanks again for the link. I've been meaning to do a link post for ages... it'll happen someday.

  2. hey girl thanks for the link! love the blog about robert's peacoats!