September 15, 2006

Top 5 Places I'd Like To Be On My Birthday...

Roatan, Honduras. Taken last December on my 10th Anniversary
In no particular order, mind you... October 12 (my birthday!) will be here in a minute!

1. Orlando, Florida (DisneyWorld!!!) That's right! I like fun. Spent my honeymoon there...
2. New York City (Shopping!!!) All my regular spots (H&M) and I want to find Mood Fabric Store since Project Runway has blown up their spot, AND one of my cousins has been pulling hard for this one...
3. Paris, France (For obvious reasons) Why not??? This IS a wishlist!
4. Los Angeles (Just because I miss it sometimes) And I have TOO MANY shopping (and restaurant) spots to count out there, seriously, that would be a good time...
5. The Caribbean! Preferably somewhere I hadn't been already. What would ya'll's picks be? Somewhere from my list? Somewhere different? I might like it too! So let me know...
Have a great weekend! Until next time ya'll...


  1. Girl my weekend went off on a good start. {FYI: I'm having the worst week EVER!!! My grandmother and my boss recently passed away...} So last night I met Usher after curtain call and I got my picture taken with him too...

  2. October 12th is my birthday too

  3. I'm going to NY on my birthday!!! I'll send you pictures!!

    p.s. Paris, France would be just lovely to visit!!!

  4. My B-Day is next week and I would luuvvvv to be in New York to shop 'til I drop, but I'll be home here in Memphis working. The Carribean sounds lovely, too!

  5. Girl you gotta come to NYC! You're gonna love it here! Happy b'day well in advance too ;-)

  6. Miss Chi Chi-
    Don't tempt me more than I am already! I'd LOVE to be in New York for my birthday! I've spent my last 4 birthdays there!

    We're still working on something...

    Thanks for the early birthday wishes :-)

  7. Hey! Im Going To Hollywood For my Birthday!... Im getting a million Chanel, Dior, Gucci and Playboy Stuff for me and my chihuaha,Lisia! Big up to Stacey And Charlotte oh and not 4gettin Lucy!!

    Frm Cherelle xoxoxox