October 23, 2006

40 Y. O.

Janet visited Yahoo! Live Talk in Tokyo, Japan earlier today to continue promotion of her album 20 Y. O., and she looks 20 years old in this pic! I think she has the same face at 40, that she had when she played "Penny" on "Good Times". Fabulous.Halle in Malibu on yesterday to protest a natural gas facility that is looking to locate there in SoCal, also looking flawless at 40. Look at her skin! Her skin is PORE-LESS and BLEMISH-FREE!
Ok, that's it, it's time for me to cut back on the Diet Coke again... it's back to WATER for me, STAT!


  1. I was just thinking the same thing. I need to cut back on the coke and add water to my diet. I can use all of the Olay Regenerist products on the shelf, but it just does not have the same affect as replenishing from within

  2. Is that all it takes?- drinking plenty of water and keeping a healthy active lifestyle? Then I'm in!... Wait, then I'd have to give up Dr. Pepper... ok, I need to pray about this first! lol ;-)

  3. Damn, I was thinking the SAME exact thing about Janet when I posted...crazy! But yeah, there are times when she looks unbelievably vivacious like she does here, and then other times when I just don't know. All around, she's a hot chick! ;)

  4. How is it possible to look like that?

    I mean she really does look like that!?

    ...I'm so single :(