October 4, 2006

And The Project Runway Fan Favorite is...

Congrats to my boy Mike for being named AMERICA'S CHOICE. He was crowned fan favorite and awarded $10,000 on this weeks episode! I was not at all surprised... Do what you do Mike! Now all that's left is for him to be crowned the WINNER of Project Runway Season 3.
I guess we'll see...


  1. I think I missed this
    When did that happen?

    My Tivo is failing me...last I saw was all 4 people were going to fashion week

    What did I miss?

    I want Mike to win, but something tells me Jeff will/should (unless this cheating thing is serious)

    The two chicks suck!; both make the same thing every time.

    Hey you!

    Been back to the page? I flipped it up with the old school hip hop

    I love the love on the links...thanx for that

    ...so my comment on the birthday list...so I'm sayin'...well? LOL



    Hey, come start a fashion post on the Messageboard There's a lot of women on there, could be interesting.

    Talk soon

    OH, I need some alumni gear from Grambling...hook me up!

    ..and yeah that Birthday suggestion :)

  2. America has spoken and if Michael does not win, there may be a riot. Or at least in my living room there will be.

  3. e-
    yeah you missed that one, Michael won America's choice last night. And I HAVE been to your page! Left comments on 2 separate posts!

    you won't be alone "rioting" in your living room if Michael doesn't win, LOL!

  4. Chanel,
    You know Michael is my choice. He had me at episode 1, witht he coffee filters!

  5. Love Michael. LOVE THE BRACES! I despise Jeffrey. Vincent is still weird. Laura makes the same dress over and over. Like Uli...she stayed true to her style throughout.

    I refuse to scroll down on your blog until after next week's episode. I really want to fight you right now. (but of course you're still getting something for your birthday!) Stop ruining reality tv by pre-posting the results! Love ya ;)