October 18, 2006

And the Winner of Project Runway, Season 3 is...

Oh well for my favorite Michael... but I have a feeling he's going to be A-OK, Uli too. Laura? Whatever. I still don't like the "jealous colors" she displayed in the last couple episodes...
Awww SNAP! NO MORE PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!!!!! For a while at least.


  1. I can't beleive Jeffery won. I won't wear any thing of his. Uli, had some really nice pieces but they were not something I would wear everyday. Now for Michael, I would wear his line ALL the time not matter what. I like clothes I can wear everyday to get my monies worth. Uli, is a one time wear outfit. I tell you what, if Michael gets his lines in the store I will be all over it. Go Michal, its your birthday...

  2. I don't know how to feel about this. jeffrey was my least favorite. But you are right, I think Michael will be A-OK too.

  3. This makes NO SENSE..... Michael was H-O-T last night! Then Uli came in second... and IMO Jeffrey was just DEAD LAST.

    It was like the judges had it out for Michael- They told Michael "We noticed your range, and that you had something for every day of the week." And said it like it was nothing... Then they told Jeffrey the same exact thing, but were all praises for it! They seemd SO biased last night, like they already knew who they wanted to win!

    Honestly, Michael & Uli are the ones who make GOOD CLOTHING that is sooo fashionable, and soooo wearable. They got on Laura's tail for not doing enough extra with her designs, and when Michael did just that they blasted him for it- saying "It's just too much" He went out there, and did EVERYTHING they told him he needed to improve on, and still kept his pieces within his own design style, and they squashed it! UGH! This makes me want to just boycott Michael Kors right now!!!! (Not like I could afford him right now anyway, but you get my point.)He makes me ill! And that "Neeena Garceeea"! UGH! I am SO not happy.

    Michael was off top the best, and I am crushed from what the judges said throughout the show last night... crushed.

    I'm gonna go eat a pint of Blue Bell now. *tearing up*

  4. can you say "recount?" seriously WTF?!

  5. That was so sickening last night. I'm just to the point of being able to discuss. I so hate Jeffrey, why did he have to win. I would have been ok if anyone else had one but him. Oh well... Michael will probably come out better off. Look at Jay McCarroll... he turned down all of the prizes after winning season 1 and did his own thing.

  6. i missed it last night, but i thought for sure that michael was going to win. project runway doesn't recognize real talent

  7. Jeffrey...*sigh*

    My reaction? Similar to Flo Evans when she got the phone call about James.

    Sarah, can I have a scoop of ice cream? I need comfort.

  8. Ok first Kara Saun now my Michael!!!I'm pissed. Besides I stopped liking Michael Kors after he made some crack about plus size women! He knows he was a plus size woman himself!!!Ok so I wanted Michael to win, can anyone say Black Aesthetic? Maybe that's why they didn't get it, they want stuff that only a drunk rich, caucasian girl could wear.

  9. ish! Jeffrey won?! My poor Michael...i love his taste in clothes. He totally undertands what women want. Aww... guess i have to wait for the final screening in Singapore...