October 2, 2006

The Birthday Wish List is Unveiled...

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Official countdown is here. Only 10 days left until THE BIG DAY. Family. Friends. Strangers, if you feel so inclined... Please use the following annual birthday list as the final word, THE TRUTH, if you will, in what I would like to receive as gifts for my birthday on next Thursday, October 12... I thank you, I appreciate you and may the force of shopping, purchasing, and selfless gift giving be with you...

And Now, I Present To You, My 2006 Birthday Wish List
1. Birthday well wishes, by phone, fax, mail, email, blog comments, via my Hip Tagboard, via Myspace. Holla at your girl, I celebrate the entire month...
2. Cash. In bundles.
3. Birthday cards with loads of cash in them.
4. Manicure. Pedicure. Facial. Massage. You know, all of it...
5. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING and EVERYTHING from Victoria's Secret PINK. Really. But my whittled down choices would be the Hooded Rugby Robe in the navy polo stripe (size M/L), the Pom Pom Booties (size M) in either stripe, or the Fleece Blanket.
6. Sephora Gift Card.
7. Nike Shox Running Shoes. Size 7. Way overdue for a new pair...
8. Starbucks Gift Card.
9. Victoria's Secret Gift Card.
10. Whole Foods Gift Card.
11. Wal-Mart Gift Card.
12. School House Rock (Throwback, yay!) Special 30th Anniversary Edition. I want it.
13. Bose SoundDock for my Ipod.
14. Target Gift Card.
15. Workout classes at The Yoga Center.
16. 4 Pack of Sugar-Free Red Bull.
17. 4 Pack of Starbucks Espresso Double Shot.
18. Itunes Gift Card.
19. Dove Dark Chocolate.
20. Pint of Baskin Robbins Black Walnut Ice Cream.
21. 6 Pack of Fiji Natural Artesian Water.
22. Vitamin Water. My flavors are Formula 50, Revive, Endurance, and Focus.
23. The new HP Pavillion Entertainment Notebook with Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology, for creative types (like me). The one in the TV commercials featuring folks like Jay-Z and Pharrell. Yeah, I gotta have that one.
24. Forever 21 Gift Card.
25. New Digital Camera, preferably with 7 or more mega pixels and 10x (or more) optical zoom.
26. Prime beach front in California.
27. A fun trip to one of my top 5.
28. Chocolate almond lacey cookies.
29. New pretty pictures.
30. The winning Powerball numbers when the jackpot hits 100 million.
31. New fuzzy slippers.
32. This and this size medium from Juicy Couture.
33. Barnes & Noble Gift Card.
34. I can never have enough of this or this. Except I like this in the cutesy travel size.
35. Dinner at Flemings, Bonefish, Varnados, Oxbow, Mr. Chow, or City Crab, and cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, because they have all the bomb frostings.


  1. I want you to get 4
    Take 9 to get 5
    Pack it up and come see me
    so we can cuddle up and enjoy some 19 and 20
    while watching 12

    Just a Bill and Conjunctions Son!!!

    Then later you cif you only wear 31 I promise not to use 25


    Just lemme know lol



    The Messageboard

  2. A great birthday list. Happy Birthday from one October sister to another! You're the bomb, Hip Candy!

  3. Well, no one can use the excuse "I did not know what to get you".

    I think I might have to take note and do this for my birthday in 2007.