October 9, 2006

Cute, Not Cute, Milan Fall Street Fashion

This is my first CUTE, NOT CUTE blog entry in a while. I love to do them, there's nothing like offering constructive style criticism from the comfort of your computer... fun! Plus, I'm like a total PROFESSIONAL WARDROBE STYLIST in my head...I like the styling of this first little outfit. I don't even mind that she did the "matchy matchy" with her top and shoes. And the bag fits. It's a nice complement. I think she looks stylish and pretty.
This outfit is CUTE.
Ok, I'd totally wear this outfit if the weather was cold. It's neat, simple and well put together. And warm, let's not forget warm. Especially if the weather's cold. Great bag too. This outfit is CUTE.Wow. There's a lot going on here. A lot. Like too much. What's with the purple shoes? And the lace trim leggings? Too many different prints and colors happening. It's all making her look a little like a homeless bag lady who's two seconds away from asking for spare change...
Ok, I'm completely FEELING this white button up blouse and plaid skirt with heels. I think it's a chic fall look. CUTE.
I bet you couldn't TELL THIS CHIC that she wasn't WORKIN' IT! Look at her! Is she owning this look or what?! The boots are the obvious STARS of this pic to me though. But I gotta give it to her, I think she's pretty put together, so this look is CUTE.

I thought this look was quirky and cute! I like quirky and cute sometimes because I'm quirky and cute. This look would be perfect for an al fresco lunch date with girlfriends in the city, or for an eclectic art gallery opening at the modern art museum, or for a day trip on a San Francisco Bay area cruise... Yeah, I need a vacation.


  1. I love all of the looks with the exception of the third one. She's gone loony with the Marc Jacobs-Grunge-Baglady look.

  2. I actually like the last one the most: I like the way she put on a navy patent heel where most would have played it safe w/ a black shoe. I'd wear this out. Very cute!

  3. I agree with you all around...love your page; you're alright with me.

    Glad there's no TV for you to spoil for me when I come by today :)


    The Messageboard


  4. Lol @ e.!

    My fave is look #4.... It's definitely the "Cute Mommy" look I'm all about!...

    Chanel, you are SO #2 & #5!

    ...and #3 is just lost.

  5. OOPS... I meant to say:

    Chanel, you are SO #2 & #6

  6. I love looking at "street" fashion. In the second to last picture, if she wasn't walking with such fierce and confidence, it would look so thrown together and tacky. Sometimes in fashion, its all about the swagger and she had her swag together!

  7. the first outfit choice is simple, chic, and it works. The cream color on her dark skin is a beautiful contrast, and it really makes the outfit. Also, the lace is a nice touch. However, although she is rocking this choice, others w/ more veluptuous figures would run into problems with this look, the lace creating the illusion of wider hips. Not very versatile for other body types. As for the second, this woman is on the right track with the dress, and long, chic locket type necklace. Also, emphasizing the smallest part of her frame was a good thing. I also love the high fashion boots. GORGEOUS!! However, when you wear so much of one color, you can look washed out and boring, especially in brown or gray tones. Also, her hair could use an update. Perhaps a dramatic modern bob is in order? Some edgy bangs might also help the overall look. but, if she decided to stand by her beloved brown, she could have jazzed it up w/ a teal bag or a patterned element.