October 25, 2006

Drink Your Water!

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Are you still downing untold numbers of Diet Coke every day? Oh wait, hold on... yeah, that's me. Well I don't down untold numbers of Diet Coke, I do enjoy them on occasion, with lemon, because I like to make my drinks classy. And yes, I am aware that Diet Coke is a bit more addictive than regular Coke. But, hey! I'm about to make a positive change! Water! Water has long been attributed to healthy hair, skin and nails. And most of us could probably stand to drink more of the stuff. And I was absolutely mortified when I read in a couple recent health reports that people don't even realize it, but they actually drink the majority of their fat calories (sodas, whole milk lattes, even fruit juices!). Wow. So how pleased was I to see so many fun choices in the H2O dept. Yay! Because sometimes, the plain stuff, just won't cut it. So next time you are in a store, try out one of these instead of your regular, maybe-not-as-healthy drink choices. My personal fave, not shown above, is Vitamin Water. Shouts out to them too because they sent me a nice letter in the mail and a Vitamin Water hat for my birthday (Vitamin Water was on my birthday list). Descriptions of the water and where you can get them are below:

Voss Artesian Water With its sleek glass bottle and über-pure contents (thanks to a natural extraction process that prevents exposure to air and other pollutants), is available in still and sparkling versions. Price: $30 for 12 800-ml bottles; $36 for 24 375-ml bottles. www.vosswaterstore.com.

Metromint Since menthol is a time-tested remedy for settling upset stomachs, soothing stress, freshening breath, clearing stuffed noses, and increasing energy, you can consider this mint-infused water—in peppermint and spearmint varieties—a multipurpose, thirst-quenching cure-all. Price: $46 for 24 500-ml bottles.

Hint Essence Water Experiencing difficulty downing the recommended eight glasses of water a day? This purified eau—laced with appetizing natural flavors like pear, apple, and cucumber— makes the task infinitely more appealing.Price: $44 for 24 444-ml bottles.

H2Om An infusion of good vibrations and positive energy—In Love and Perfect Health varieties. Price: $30 for 24 16.9-fl oz bottles.

Borba Skin Balance Water These fortified waters—in clarifying, age-defying, replenishing, firming, antiaging, and calming versions—are packed with targeted vitamins to improve the state and appearance of your complexion, so instead of regular cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and exfoliating, you can quaff your way to clearer skin. Price: $30 for 12 480-ml bottles.


  1. I am a certified lover of Metromint (in spearmint). The first time I picked it up at Whole Foods, the cashier actually gave it to me as a "sample" because she just knew that I would hate it and want to return it anyway. WRONG! It's not 'sugar water'...it is just what it says, water infused with mint.

    A low budget water option: Sometimes I take a plain bottled water and put a bag of my favorite tea it in just to give it a little flavor. Don't add sugar, but a little honey is okay!

  2. BORBA is great, because not only do they taste great, but they have so many options. My personal fav is Clarifying/Pomengrate. Yum!

  3. I haven't tried the Borba yet, but it sounds good! Definitely gonna try... the only 2 I've tried out of the 5 is the Voss and the Metromint, but I'm gonna try all of them!