October 29, 2006

Go Whitney, Go Whitney, GO!

Whitney Houston brought her glam and sexy back to the 17th Carousel of Hope Ball presented by Mercedes Benz in Beverly Hills on yesterday... When I first saw these pics at Juicy News, I almost shed a tear...
Looking at how fab these celebs looked at this event made me realize something...

That This
Halle Berry looking fab as always at the event...


Sharon Stone looking toned, trim and equally fab at the same event...

And no, I'm not trying to be funny. I actually ordered this. It came yesterday. And I'm about to put this thing to the test... with Whitney, Halle and Sharon as strong motivation... I'll be bringing the sexy back in a few more shakes... stay tuned.


  1. Whitney definitely brought sexy back! I'm so happy to see her looking so much better! That's what happens when you drop excess weight (Bobby)!

  2. I dunno what the opposite of 'heart' is "ass"?
    Then I so 'assed' Whitney
    BUT I will admit she looked pretty damn good...and just when she came out lookin good...a picture of Halle snapped me back to reality :)

    LOL@TurboJam...could ole girl be ANY more into it?

    So what are we going to watch (and what are you going to spoil) since Runway is off?


  3. Yeah. I gotta do something to. I'm going to "Sweat in the Spirit" with Donna Richardson-Joyner. She has a new exercise dvd.

  4. LOL at eh Turbo Jam...my best friend bought this. I know me, after a while it would just begin to sit on the shelf collecting dust along side my Taebo, Pilates, and yoga tapes. I go to the gym on an average of 3 days a week, and yesterday I went for a little run. If I can just maintain a consistent work-out schedule I should be good.

    On another note...

    Whitney looks great.

  5. swb,
    I love sweatin' in the spirit. It's crazy fun and quite funny, especially that first part kirk franklin is on and your realize he is a very short man:) But it gives a good work out.

    Whitney-I almost lost my breath up in this library. All I got to say is,"Welcome back sis!"

  6. I agree, Whitney looked great! I'm actually still doing the Tae Bo tapes sometimes, maybe I'll give Turbo Jam a try! :) Love your blog by the way!

  7. Hey, I stumbled over from C+D! Just wanted to say that I like your blog (just started on myself, as fashion is my kryptonite(sp?)).

    I noticed that one of your earlier posts mentioned somethiing about interning at BCBG while in school in L.A. Did you go to FIDM? I just graduated from there about a year ago and did a short intern stint at BCBG as well.

    Okay sorry so long...keep up the good work! :)

  8. a_fashionista-

    I did indeed attend FIDM! (interned at BCBG Spring '99 and graduated FIDM June '99)

    Yay for FIDM Alums!

  9. It's official, you're a certified nut. Keep it up girl! :)