October 4, 2006

Hip Link Post...

Got links? I do! Good ones...

Got extra money to spend? Wanna treat yourself? Just feel like browsing? Check out 55 Favorites for Fall... [55 Secret Street]

Want a FREE cell phone? Click here. It's for a good cause...
[Budget Fashionista]

Need a new handbag? Only have $20? Got you covered.
[Cheap Chica]

My birthday is only 8 days away! Yay! And I want lotsa stuff... here's my list.

Tyra slaps Flav. Flav slaps Tyra back. It's a love fest... [Juicy News]

Google's answer to YouTube... [Mahogany Girl]

Love Target? Me too! Do you love them enough to pay, oh, I don't know... $300 to wear a hoodie with the Target logo on it?
Yeah... me neither. [Stained Couture]

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