October 20, 2006

Leggings - Which Would You Wear?

Ok, so yes, we've already done a style verdict on leggings way back in June of this year, and most of you didn't like the trend. So seeing as though this casual trend is not fading out any time soon, I wanted to see if opinions on this trend had changed any. So if given the choice of the following pics, which were all recent Style.com "Picks of the Day", which of these looks would you choose for a casual outing? I must say, I'd choose Sandra's look. But I wouldn't be totally opposed to Halle's look, you know, if everything was completely toned and tight...

Halle Berry in leggings.
Thandie Newton in leggings.
Jessica Biel in leggings.
Sandra Bullock in leggings.


  1. If I just had to wear leggings, I would probably choose Sandra Bullock's look, however, replacing the boots with a pair of pumps.

    Halle's look is cute, but I got too much booty for that...need a longer shirt. LOL.

  2. I like Halle's look the best.

    Sandra's is cute, but the boots make it look frumpy to me. I think Jessica's shoes messed hers up too. And Thandie, she's cute, but I'd never wear that.

  3. I too, would definitely do Sandra's look. The rest?...hmmm...I'm not sure yet. I'm just not feelin' the way it's being put together. Halle, I could go for, but I must hit the gym for a few months first.

  4. I'm going to have to say Sandra's look too. This is a style I'm still unsure of... been there, done that.

  5. Why am I now stalking my closet, thinking of dusting off the black leggings to try to see if I can make it work. I sure hope I don't end up on the Fashion No No list.

  6. I love the leggings look...I already have my outfits together in my closet with the boots to match...I love anything that I can wear that will allow me to show off my boots ;)

  7. Sandra's look is best because it's the most adult look. It's hard to accomplish the look without looking like a teenybopper. But witnessing fashion editors wearing the trend (I'm around them all day, everyday), they've managed to grow-up the look by wearing heels, keeping accessories to a minimum, and keeping the color palette limited, i.e, monotoned, or all dark colors. This creats a sleeker silhouette.