October 25, 2006

Style Verdict - Bows & Ribbons

Peep toe bow wedges. The Gap. These were popular, because they're already sold out! Browse similar styles here.
Leather bow clutch by Felix Rey. Neiman Marcus. Want it? Get it here.

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Rachel Roy "Sarah" Bow Dress. Shop Bob. Price may sting a little... Want it? Get it here.

Bow Bling! Logo Dior Bow Earrings. Fun for the holidays! eLuxury.
Want them? Get them here.

Ribbons and bows, they've been popping up everywhere! On clothing, accessories, as hairstyles... yeah, don't do that last one. But I think this is a fun, cute, girly, trend! Especially during the upcoming holiday season. But I want to know what you think about all the ribbons and bows. Do you like this trend? Hate it? Don't care? Would you buy it and rock it? I wanna know your style verdict.


  1. I am getting these! It's my (3rd) Christmas present to myself!

  2. Oh yea... I'm liking the ribbons and bows! Ok maybe not the dress so much, but I'm feeling the trend.

  3. I like the bows on the accessories. Not big on clothing with bows. Also, I'm feeling you on the bow hairstyles, LOL.

  4. I LOVE that bow dress, although I could never pull that off here in Oklahoma I would kill it in a bigger city, and those earrings are TO.DIE.FOR!!!

  5. I'm kind of on the fence. Maybe I need to see a few more Hip Candy postings on it to really be convinced.

  6. I'm loving the shoes and the earrings. I LOVE shoes with bows on the tip.

    As for the dress, it seems too baggy to me. And the purse might be a little too much.