October 5, 2006

Style Verdict - Fall Plaid

Alice & Olivia 5 Pocket Skinny Pant. Plaid flannel pant with 5 pocket styling and single button closure. Skinny leg. $264

L.A.M.B Scoop Neck Dress. Plaid dress with pleating at scoop neck and front, bottom hem. On-seam pockets at hip and zipper closure at back. Short sleeves. Lined. Embossed leather belt included. $365
When it comes to plaid, I find most people either love it or hate it, with rarely any "in-between". It's a very bold, British look. I think it's funky! I've always liked the look myself, although I don't actually own a bunch of it. I like the L.A.M.B dress above and the blue plaid coat that Tori Spelling is wearing (it's a cute look over her jeans) but those Alice & Olivia plaid pants are a little over the top (for me). I still think that the plaid look is doable though, because if you still want to try plaid but don't want to do an all over plaid look, how about a plaid scarf, shoe or purse? What do you think? Do you like it? Hate it? Don't care? Would you wear it? I wanna know your style verdict.


  1. Okay plaid is in. I've been looking everywhere for a pair of plaid flats...now fly would that be?!?! totally unexpectated!

  2. I love the L.A.M.B. dress, it's one of the best Fall plaids I've seen. I also like plaid on coats and jackets. I personally wouldn't do the plaid pants, too Brady Bunch.

  3. i saw a cute pair of plaid flats at Rave. They were about $20. Which I would def. do, b/c how often would you wear plaid shoes? I'm looking for a plaid trench coat. Maybe red or blue. I saw one at H&M but not sure if I wanted to pay $80 for it. Really cute, but again, I'm on a tight budget and how often would I wear it?

  4. Keep the stomach and put some hips in that second picture I'm ALL for it! lol

    Plaid can be hot.



  5. Not a fan of plaid. I like the shape of the L.A.M.B dress, I would love it if it were a solid color like red or black.

  6. I really really REALLY want a huge flouncy plaid skirt and some red platform MIU MIU's.

  7. I'm looking for some plaid flats too! Teen Vogue featured some ah-dorable Juicy Couture ones, but they are no where to be found! What's a young fashionista to do? I don't really want to get desperate and buy the cheap knock-off "Rave" ones- but I also don't want to go plaid-flatless this season! HELP ME!!!


  8. Ellie-

    Check out these Juicy Couture flats from Nordstrom.

    Hope that helps!

  9. check out www.delias.com or go to the store the have some cute plaid flats and cute trench coats...

  10. I couldn't not wear plaid in shirts, pants, it reminds me when I was a freshman in high school like 8 years ago. I would totally rock some flats and a dooney purse..