October 6, 2006

Things You Maybe Didn't Know About Me (Part 2)...

Get to know me! Some more! Remember I told ya'll I'd share a bit more of who I was leading up to my birthday? Well here it is! Starting at #51 (Things you maybe didn't know about me, part 1 was my 2nd ever blog post, way back in June! Click here if you missed...)

51. I was born in 1971. The chubby baby to the upper right is me... 35 years ago.
52. I usually hit the curb when I parallel park, like 95% of the time.
53. I had a weird obsession with breakdancing movies growing up. I must have seen "Beat Street" like 16 times.
54. I married a DJ, turned rap music producer (check his beat out on "The Return" by Mystikal. WARNING it's VERY *Explicit*), turned Real Estate Broker, turned Real Estate Developer/Building Contractor.
55. I get mistaken for being waaaay younger than I am... A LOT.
56. I am a spiritual person. I am a truly blessed person.
57. I sent pics of myself to Jet Magazine to be a "Jet Beauty of the Week" when I was in college... yeah, nothing ever happened with that, lol.
58. I worked for American Airlines for 2 years. $22 roundtrip to New York? I miss that.
59. I choreograph whole dance routines in the car while I'm driving. I'm good.
60.I think my celebrity look-a-likes are: Sade, Kimora, Amerie, and Cheryl from "Dancing with the Stars".

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61. I like breakfast restaurants that let me order ONE pancake. I only want ONE. With CANE syrup, not maple.
62. I think Starbucks FALL/WINTER drinks (pumpkin spice latte, gingerbread latte, *CINNAMON DOLCE* latte, peppermint mocha, egg nog latte) are sooo much better than their spring/summer drinks.
63. I love that Martin episode when Martin and Pam fight that animal thing in the hotel room. Hilarious.
64. I like strapless, backless, low-cut, and off-the-shoulder type things. I'm pretty uninhibited.
65. I can walk fine in up to 2.5 inch heels. 3, 3.5, 4 inch? I'm gonna have a bit of a problem. Unless it's a wedge.
67. I get a kick out driving a JEEP. Especially when I have a chance to go OFF ROAD. JEEP owners are a different breed.
68. I've been in some commercials and a couple movies. I've been a live dress mannequin in a store window.
69. I stockpile fabric.
70. I have a Disney movie collection (The Aristocats, The Jungle Book, The Lion King, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast).
71. I only like to cook quick meals, I have all manner of quick and innovative recipes... you'd be surprised.
72. I'm cold more than I'm hot.
73. I'm a magazine junkie.
74. I'm new to My Space. But I've been getting some really stellar networking, friend requests.
75. People (that don't know me) often question my ethnicity (see #60).
76. I really love to sew but I don't get to do it as often as I'd like (see #69).
77. I have a love/hate/it's not that bad/ring it up! relationship with most clothing trends...
78. Retailers I should own stock in: Starbucks, Walgreen's, Wal-Mart.
79. I think this commercial is one of the funniest ever.
80. I like to eat ice. Like just fix a cup of ice and eat it. It's a zero calorie snack.
81. Favorite Hip Candy posts so far? This one and this one. Those two posts make me feel like a writer...
82. Juicy Couture was the inspiration for my clothing label name, Hip Couture. No wheel was reinvented in the naming of my brand...
83. I sooo don't know how to work all of the functions on my phone.
84. Question my husband and I get asked most: "When are ya'll gonna have a baby???" Pick your answer... (1) When WE GET READY. (2) When ya'll STOP ASKING.
85. I've done an annual birthday list since the year I was turning 25. 2006 marks 10 whole years of doing a birthday list!
86. I am a perfectionist.
87. I don't like horror movies. At all.
88. I don't generally like sappy, maple syrup, sugary sweet movies either, but I usually end up getting sucked in...
89. Lackawanna Blues was a very well made movie. I'm a huge fan of S. Epatha Merkerson now.
90. My treadmill is positioned in front of my television... I make myself workout while I watch.
91. I didn't know what Forever 21 was until earlier this year.
92. I've mastered the art of not over-packing.
93. I bought a cute pair of black, embroidered ballet/mary jane flats yesterday (see #77).
94. I know the theme song lyrics to the cartoon, "Josie and the Pussycats". And to the Wayan's Brothers TV show. And to Good Times.
95. I love Victoria's Secret PINK. All of it.
96. I believe that you'll have what you say. So WATCH what you say.
97. Yoga and Pilates (for me) have proved to be the best way to lose inches.
98. I had lights in my wedding bouquet when I got married. Little white ones. We had a winter candlelight (early evening) wedding. It was pretty!
99. I don't always wear my wedding ring. My husband rarely takes his off. I have a good reason though. I'm not a huge jewelry wearer and I lost a cute little ring he gave me for christmas a few years ago, so I just don't take that chance with my wedding ring. We get some of the nastiest looks from women people when we go out because he wears his and I don't... they look at me like I'm some side piece out with somebody else's husband... funny, funny stuff.
100. I believe you should dream BIG. Speak positive things over yourself and your family, take risks, grow, be tenacious, determined and persistent, don't give up so easily, live by faith, make bold moves, just MAKE IT HAPPEN!


  1. I love these type of posts. I wish I had the time to come up with a list. I need motivstion. Myabe your list will give that kick in the pants. BTW, Thanx for the link in your hot links post!

  2. I love reading these, but only every once in a while, to get to know the little things. :-)

    #59 & #99 made me laught out loud... really loudly.

    We have #56, #63, #72, #75, #77, #80, #86, #91, #95, #96, #97, & #100 all in common!

    Happy 6-days-early Birthday!!!

  3. Bravo! I love your free spirit and out of the box thinking!

  4. i love reading these too! we are a lot alike. luv u girl!

  5. 63. I love that Martin episode when Martin and Pam fight that animal thing in the hotel room. Hilarious.

    -Me too, this episode is classic.

    90. My treadmill is positioned in front of my television... I make myself workout while I watch.
    -Good idea. I've recently started doing crunches during commercial breaks.