October 31, 2006

TV Execs Call Tyra a Fatty, Threatens Replacement.

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If you're a fan of Tyra Banks, host of "America's Next Top Model" and "The Tyra Banks Show," you've probably noticed that the former supermodel has been packing on the pounds lately. On last week's episode of "Top Model," the previously svelte Banks was looking particularly plump in a strapless mini-dress. And executives at the CW network have noticed Tyra's weight gain as well. According to MediaTakeOut.com, they're worried Tyra's fuller figure may affect "Top Model's" ratings and have told her to lose weight ASAP.

A producer for the CW told MediaTakeOut.com, "Tyra still looks good, but she's put on close to 50 pounds since starting her talk show…things are really getting out of control. I mean, she doesn't have the greatest personality, so if she starts getting too heavy, it could be a real problem for the show."

Tyra's weight has become such an issue with "Top Model" bosses that they have insisted that promotional pictures of the former model for the current season of the show be photoshopped, says MediaTakeOut.com. The site's source said, "When you see [Tyra] next to the girls on the show, you realize how much weight she's put on…it's almost ridiculous." The decision of the "Top Model" execs goes against Banks's recent declaration that she would not alter her photographs.

Tyra will have to act fast to lose the extra pounds if she hopes to continue as the host of "Top Model." The insider tells MediaTakeOut.com that if Banks does not manage to get back to her old figure, she could be replaced for the next season.

Wow. Is all I'm going to say about that. I'd love to know your thoughts though...

In other random Tyra Banks news, she has recently developed a severe and unexplainable crush on the rapper Chingy. Yes, Chingy. C+D has the story.


  1. Is ANTM not Trya's show? How are the going to replace her? So what she gained 50 lbs...which I highly doubt by the way...25 maybe, 50 I doubt it. I am not a big fan of Tyra's and the show has become rather corny, however, this does not seem right at all. Tyra is that show.


    Tyra and Chingy, there is just something that is not quite right about this pairing. She will look like an Amazon next to that boy.

  2. There is no way anyone would want to see Tyra replaced!!! I love her and so do others. She made the show and the girls on it look up to her as a role model. It just wouldn't be the same without her after all of the cycles. Who cares if she's gained weight. She retired from modeling... remember. The whole idea about ratings being affected if she gains more weight...give me a break!!! The ratings would be affected if you replaced Tyra!!! That would be a BIG MISTAKE!!!!!

    Bottom line: IT'S TYRA'S SHOW!!!!

  3. OMG! That's a bunch of bull crap! I can't see anybody else doing ANTM but Tyra. Of course Tyra is goofy is hell, but so am I (part of the charm)... so what! They want to see ratings drop, remove Tyra! I was under the impression that was her show to... maybe CW owns the rights... not sure how that works. I thought she owned all of her stuff (Bankable Productions) like Lady O (Harpo Productions)?

  4. You couldn't have said it better, wow.

  5. media takeout is a crock. they keep making up stories to get hits

  6. Before I start this "Mediatakeout" is ruthless, I would NEVER want to report the way they report, they twist every little aspect around, it's quite sad.

    And on to Tyra.. She's retired, she's no longer obligated to be a size 2 or 3. I bet that feels good because she's been pressured to being a certain size for her whole life. Kudos to her for just being who she really is and enjoying life!

  7. I agree with what everyone has stated in the above comments.

    But on another note... did anyone see Tyra on last week's ANTM? That dress did look horrible on her, and the drag looking hair and makeup didn't help much. She usually keeps it classy, but it was a bit over the top for me... If you missed the episode, check Tyra out at the end of this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuORagnno3o


  8. That is a load of crap. I know she has an image to uphold and all but gosh.
    I most def don't think she has put on 50 pounds. More like 20-30 tops. She still looks beter than the average woman anyeay. They need to cut her a break.

  9. omg okay, she RETIRED. why do they expect her to keep her figure? she's not modeling anymore. She created ANTM. and i dont think anyone will be able to copy her in doing that. it's just wrong. hate media take out.

  10. PLEASE!!
    this really pisses me off when ppl talk shyt.. i wanna see yall go out there and be put throgh all tha stress! She was a HELL of a model and she still looks pretty! and I HIGHLY doubt she gained thatt much! and take raplace tyra?! please! get real people!