November 12, 2006

The Beginnings of a Style Diary...

It took me a good minute to decide to do a style diary. After seeing so many other GREAT ones, and being inspired, and also getting past "exposing myself", I decided to do one too, plus it seemed like fun. You'll notice that my "special" camera doesn't take the best pics, or it could be that my photoshop skills could use polishing (my legs should be the same color as my hands, and you can't even SEE my cute suede peep toe wedges...) but that's neither here nor there as I've started this style diary and gosh darnit! I'm gonna be committed to it! Like once a week. Or so. Or whenever I feel the "urge" to share, how 'bout that?

Long sleeve white tee: Pro-Spirit Athletic, Target (clearance NEW!)
Hoodie sweater vest: Mossimo, Target (clearance NEW!)
Capris: Express "Editor"Corduroy, Express (purchased last year)

Anyways, my friend Nita can be indirectly credited to me starting this style diary because she gave me a gift certificate to Target as a gift for my birthday. And I hadn't used it, up until Saturday, and let me tell you, I went a little crazy in the clearance section over the weekend! Pictured is just a sampling of what I bought. It was exciting! In this particular photo, in which I photoshopped myself onto a runway, (since I'm a 'supermodel' in my head, it's where I feel most "at home") this pic is showing everything I wore today (Sunday). It's a slight departure from my normal mode of dress (this look is more 'Urban Outfitters' if I had to classify it), because I like to "mix it up"... I try to keep people from putting me into a box, because I'm a very a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted person. And I also like to try lotsa different looks before I decide whether I like it or not.
So there's no telling what you'll see me in in the coming weeks... so stay tuned.


  1. This is definitely a "hip" look on you! I look forward to your future "Style" Entries...

  2. I go on style diary all the time! I never look at that pro style stuff at Target but I like that white l/s underneath the vest. I'm a "layerer".make sure update us on hip candy too.

  3. I'm on StyleDiary as is very addicting