November 21, 2006

Can't We All Just Get Along?

I vote we try. Now on a lighter, more fashionable note, wanna know where you can get that tee shirt? One place you can get it is Pieces Boutique in Harlem. It's where I got mine. Letisha (the owner) and Vanessa are the two fashionistas that run the store there, they're both awesome and the coolest people ever. And the store is fab too!
Pieces of Harlem
228 W. 135th Street
(between 7th & 8th Aves.)
Harlem, NY


  1. I dunno Chanel...I think I'm a little offended.


    I love the tee.

  2. I love it..especially considering that it was the Diversity Awards. We have gotten so touchy about race that we can't laugh at ourselves.

    Get me one that says I 'heart' Kramer...LOL!

  3. nitabita- you've gone mad! lol! I still have room for improvement in the whole walk in love with everyone area. Pray for me ;-)

    I love this shirt too, though. And I like it on this lady in the photo too. I think there are some genuine people out there who care about embracing diversity; and as we all know, there are some who aren't as genuine and who don't care.

    Celebrate diversity! Love eachother!

    And eat lots of turkey!

  4. That is hilarious!

    Now where's my "I ♥ White People" shirt...