November 14, 2006

Check out "Mychael" Knight's New Website

Check out my boy Mike's new website if you haven't already. Cute and clever choice of music he has on there too. If you make the connection between his name and a particular throwback pop culture television show, you'll get it. My favorite of his collections is the one with the green plaid pieces. Nice.
I heart him and his clothes.
Click here to check him out.

Also check him out tomorrow night, November 15 co-hosting the Pre-show with ANTM's Toccara at BET's 1st Annual Hip Hop Awards, 9 PM ET/PT (BET's 1st Annual Hip Hop Awards? Something is sooo not right about that...)


  1. Chanel,

    I agree the collection featuring the green plaid is hot. I can't help but chuckle at the name of his upcoming underwear line. Clever and naughty.

  2. lol @ Keli

    I can't enough of Michael's white safari pieces... love, love! And the swimwear, man, don't know if I'd ever be able to wear any of the pieces in public, but for those of you who can, more power to ya!

  3. Kitty & Dick?!...where's that embarrassed smiley when I need it?

    **Note to Self: get a Kitty&Dick tattoo pronto!

    Lovin the plaid!

  4. BET DID THIS LAST YEAR they put all these hot designers on the show and you cannot buy their clothes anywhere, I have sent an email to Mychael Knight and his publicist on his site. Do I need to include my credit card for him to know I am seriously interested in purchasing his line????

    Yes it's hot online, I want it hot on me!!!!

  5. I agree with jraquel-I have already been able to find some of Ulli's pieces to purchase, but the one designer right now that I like more than even YSL is Knight-someone please tell Knight's ppl to atleast do some kind of ordering online with his pieces if he's still thinking about the stores. Argggghhhh!

  6. Where can I find some of Ulli's pieces? I have also been waiting for Mychael to sell his clothing online - its a huge disappintment that you can't purchase.

  7. If anyone finds out where on when Mychael starts selling his clothes please post a comment because like Racquel said do I need to email him my credit card info to let him know how serious it is!!!!!!!!!! I mean really

  8. I would like to know where to buy his new perfume. If you find out post it the website and I will check it occasionally.

  9. You can try the link below (MAJK by Mychael Knight):

    But I checked it too, it looks like they aren't fully stocked with it yet.