November 28, 2006

Eve Promoting Viva Glam... Looking Better.

Eve was looking a lot better earlier today as she greeted fans at the Harlem MAC Store to promote VIVA GLAM in advance of World Aids Day. Somebody must have pulled her aside to alert her of her recent crispiness, because she is looking much better and more moisturized in these pics.

How 'bout I'm thinking about getting me a blonde wig and then going out and running my errands like nothing's different... yeah, I think I might try that out real soon.


  1. When will they let these unnatural hair colors go?

  2. Wow... REALLY?!

    I don't know, I'm too skerred to pull the blonde look....

  3. ...and when you finish with the wig, pass it on. I need a disguise for when I go to the Kramer comedy show.

  4. LOL Nita!
    You are seriously throwed off...

  5. I heart this line..even more since all proceeds goes to AIDS funding.