November 8, 2006

Have Some Cake...

I know I don't normally blog about beauty products, but I had to make an exception in the case of Cake Beauty. A few weeks back I ventured onto their site while browsing the net doing research. The site felt like sweet cotton candy. I instantly fell in love with the fab pinkness of it all. Well, while on their site, I entered to win a sinfully delicious sounding body scrub that sounded good enough to eat (as do a lot of their products). Well whaddaya know? I found out that I won the huge 21 oz. jar of Sweet Cheeks (a friggin' $28 value!), and let me tell you, it took everything in me not to try to "taste" it when it arrived at my house! Yum.

The "Cake" MIX, is all about living deliciously, trusting your taste, exuding sweet style, having a tender center and getting it while it's hot.

Founded by Heather Reier, Heather realized that the beauty world needed a line of cremes and scrubs with decadent, nourishing ingredients accompanied by sophisticated packaging and a sassy, fun concept and so, the inception of Cake was born. Some of the ingredients used in Cake products are almond, coconut, peppermint and macadamia nut oils, whole milk, marshmallow root, mango butter (don't you just want a cookie or something right now?) and that's just to name a few. It's well worth checking out... I sure am, and when I'm done, I'm gonna be all scrubbly, smooth, and smelling like a slice of poundcake! Right after Top Model goes off.
Click here to visit Cake.


  1. ummm..okay, cool.

    Requests: Pics of Nik from Top Model or Denise Vasi :)

    Anyhooo...Hiya, still love the page eventhough it is SO not for me :)


  2. I've run across that site before and was inttrigued. I think I might try something from there!

  3. Yum! I love all those beauty goodies that smell like a bakery, thanks for the tip. By the way, I love your blog and added a link to you on mine! Feel free to check out my blog too girly!

  4. Cake beauty is a cool company... We've spotlighted them on They have excellent products. Their lip gloss is one of my favorites.