November 20, 2006

I Link to Stop Myself from... Crying.

How's that title for a dramatic turn??? Nice huh?! I know, I'm such a closeted actress... a true undiscovered talent I am...
Anyways, here are some links to take your mind off the extreme foolishness of the day, a/k/a Michael Richards a/k/a "Kramer" being a butt-hole... nuff said.

Halle's male model man a DIVA??? Nooo... [Story]

I'm already extra bored with these two. Seems I'm not the only one. [Story]

Nobody wants to hear your story O.J., and by the way things are looking, nobody wants to air it either. [Story]

Mario lost "Dancing With The Stars" to my boy Emmitt Smith. But he would have been booted off the show much sooner had he busted these killer moves... [Video]


  1. LOL at AC Slater. Whack indeed!

    I have not been able to view the Michael Richards video; however, I have read enough to get the gist of it. Ignorant indeed!

  2. i know what you mean, Kramer is disgusting. and thx for the saved by the bell memories, i remember that episode, haha! i can't believe i used to think dancing like that was cool, too funny!