November 22, 2006

Lotion Candles, Would You Try?

Candles that melt down to a creamy lotion or skin oil... intriguing.
A great gift idea if nothing else!
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The ultimate stocking stuffer is sure to be a dual-purpose lotion candle. With such sophisticated, non-cloying scents as lychee and lapsang, these burning beauties melt down to a fragrant, skin-softening lotion. And, if you think it all sounds a bit too potentially painful, rest assured that the makers of these candles take safety and comfort seriously: The candles are formulated to cool to a non-burning heat as soon as you blow them out, and most are formulated with such skin-pampering ingredients as soy, vitamin E, and shea butter.

(above) Kiki de Montparnasse Massage Candle, $35, at (above) Ember Natural Emollient Massage Candle, $48, at
(above) Victoria’s Secret 2-in-1 Candle/Massage Oil, $28, at (above) Body Wax Massage Candle, $12, at


  1. You can get these kinds of lotions, like shea lotion, really cheap from

  2. These sound like a great idea.... but I'm afraid I'd end up burning myself and regret I even tried it! lol...

  3. Sounds really interesting and intriguing! I'll try it!

  4. I would totally try this... but I'd probably be cringing just in case, haha.

  5. Hey Chanel,

    I've tried that Jimmy Jane candle (grapefruit scent) and it is amazing. I tried it in a boutique and I did not burn myself! I'm going to feature it very soon.

  6. In addition to the choices listed above Je T'aime Fragrances carries an excellent soy body massage candle called Massage Romantique.