November 9, 2006

My Interview with ANTM's Anchal...

Anybody who reads this blog knows that I am a reality show fanatic, so how shocked was I to get an email from the CW Network last week asking me if I would like to interview America's Next Top Model Castoffs and post the interviews on my blog?! Ummm, YEAH! That was like asking me if I would like a Starbucks tall non-fat Cinnamon Latte. With whip!
[Thanks Mahogany Girl]

Anyways, Anchal was eliminated this week, and I had the pleasure of interviewing her via telephone earlier this afternoon [she spoke to me while on her way to tape Tyra's Talk Show]. Anyhoo, peep my telephone interview with her below on what she thinks happened, who she'd like to see win it all, and if she prefers skinny jeans or leggings...

Me: Hi Anchal! How've ya been?
Anchal: Hi Chanel, I've been good.

Me: Your name is such an exotic sounding name, does it mean anything?
Anchal: It does actually. Do you know anything about traditional Indian dress?
Me: Not a lot...
Anchal: Well in traditional Indian dress the "anchal' is the bottom part of the sari, but I've also been told that Anchal means "God's gift".
Me: Ok, Anchal, let's get down to it, what happened on last night's episode because you seemed to kinda throw in the towel.

Anchal: Yeah, I know, I kinda did.
Me: So do you think that you could have given it a bit more effort?
Anchal: Oh, I definitely could have! That's one regret I have. I think that if I had showed more confidence sooner, that I'd still be on the show.
Me: Tyra made a comment that she thought that you were "so beautiful, that it was almost scary". How did it make you feel to hear her say that about you?
Anchal: It made me feel good, at first, but then after thinking about it some more, I thought, "was that a compliment or not?" So it ended up making me feel even more self-conscious.
Me: As pretty a girl as you are, you seemed to struggle a bit with your appearance, why?
Anchal: I don't think that I struggled so much with my appearance as I did with my confidence.
Me: Do you think that you were portrayed accurately on the show?
Anchal: I think that they portrayed me pretty accurately.
Me: Did you really feel that you didn't have any friends in the house, and do you think that that might have affected your level of confidence?
Anchal: I did feel alone in the house. If I had had someone to talk to in the house, that probably would have made a difference.
Me: So you kind of had an ongoing feud with Melrose, as did most of the girls this season. But on last night's episode, you hugged her and kind of jokingly said, "I still hate you". So do you still have lingering animosity towards her?
Anchal: I don't hate Melrose, but knowing how she is now, I wouldn't go out of my way to be friends with her. I just think that we are different people from different backgrounds.
Me: So we're gonna keep it moving then. Now I wanna know, who would you like to see win this season of Top Model?
Anchal: Caridee! Caridee for sure, she's got the total package.
Me: So what are your plans now that the show is over?
Anchal: I'd like to continue to pursue modeling.
Me: Do people treat you differently now since you've been off the show? Like could you still go into the Gap and buy a pair of jeans without getting mobbed?
Anchal: (Laughs) It's funny that you're asking that, because I was in Macy's the other day, and people were literally pulling me by the arm saying things like, "Oh my God! Anchal! You have to come and meet my mom! She's right over there..." I actually had to leave and go back later with my best friend. But people blow at me now while I'm driving like they want me to pull over!
Me: Oh wow. So things ARE different for you now.
Anchal: Yeah, pretty much.
Me: Ok, what is the ONE THING that we don't know about you that you would like people to know about you?
Anchal: That I'm not a big crybaby!
Me: Ok, ok, enough about Top Model, let's get down to the questions that people REALLY want answered! Ready?
Anchal: Okay...
Me: Sales clerk or Supermodel?
Anchal: Supermodel.
Me: L.A. or New York?
Anchal: New York. Wait! No... both.
Me: Ok, skinny jeans or leggings?
Anchal: Skinny jeans.
Me: Rap Music or Pop Music?
Anchal: Rap Music.
Emmitt Smith or Mario Lopez from "Dancing With the Stars"?
Anchal: Ooh, Mario Lopez!
Me: Well that's all I have, thanks for talking with me Anchal, and best of luck to you in whatever you decide to pursue!
Anchal: Thank you!


  1. ~~**~~~**~~**~~YOU GO GIRL!!!!~~**~~**~~~**~~

  2. Great Interview Chanel.I LOVE Top Model !!!!!!!!!

  3. I mean...Congrats and everything
    but ummmm...WHY didn't you give her my Number to give to Jadea?



    You've CHANGED! It's like I dont know you anymore!!!! (Sob)
    all we've meant to each other.



  4. Great Interview! Congratulations!

  5. Girrlll...remember when we were a bunch of broke dreamers sittin' around at Louie's with our elbows stuck to the table? Look at us now! I'm too excited!! (in my best RAE voice)

    Congratulations on your success. It only gets better from here. Great interview!

  6. How fab!!!Congrats!! Going to send you hugs on MySpace!!!


  7. Pretty transparent interview... I like how you got down to the nitty gritty. She is definitely a gorgeous girl; we'll be seeing more of her for sure!

  8. Wow, I am super jealous of you! Congrats and great job, I loved the questions you asked!

  9. Go Nel! So proud of you girl!

  10. You go girl on nailing the interview. You know me I'm here screaming like a damn fool once again, lol!

  11. Just think - today Anchal - tomorrow Tyra herself!!! Keep up the good work and aim high. Don't forget me when you get to the top!

  12. Congrats girl!!! Look at chu!!! That's some exciting ish right there, and you interviewed like a pro! Keep it up girl, this is just the beginning!! ;)

  13. WOW Congratssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know of this, doing big things girl!

  14. Much has been made of Anchal's striking "exotic" beauty. Yet she seemed to be the finalist with the greatest self-esteem issues. Back in India, land or her heritage, it's safe to assume there are very many more beauties like her. But I can think of only one (Indian or South Asian) internationally reknown supermodel, and that person (Aishwarya Rai) is primarily known as an actress. Before 2000, we didn't even know of Aishwarya.

    My point is: Was Anchal and other Asian and South Asian women shortchanged by the glaring lack of ethnic diversity among top international models? (Aren't we all shortchanged?) Isn't it safe to assume that Anchal grew up without seeing anyone who looked like her staring back from the cover of a fashion magazine? Then why do any of us people of color purchase magazines and fashion designers that constantly promote a supremely European beauty image?

    I'd liked to have heard Anchal speak on that issue.

  15. So where is she now?

  16. Nice interview, but it's kind of a bummer that you didn't get to do others. :( Oh well. I really wanted to read an interview with Megg. She was my abosolute favorite, but whatever. I liked Anchal a lot, but I fealt like she was letting her self conciousness get to her WAY too much. I also thought that she was sort of keeping herself from having friends by being so quiet and distant. Maybe it's a scewed perspective on the situation (because everyone knows that editing in reality TV makes everything messed up) but that's just what I think. I hope that she can get a modeling contract somewhere else though. Shouldn't be hard because she's drop dead gorgeous! When I first saw her I thought she was going to win because she was so beautiful. I'm totally jealous! :P Just kidding. Nice interview! Thanks!

  17. Anchal, coming from a straight woman, you are BEAUTIFUL. I understand your low self esteem, but hun your gorgeous. Good luck in your career you will go far. Far more beautiful than Cindy Crawford and that Janice Dickenson. You are an all natural beauty.

  18. Anchal, you are so beautiful. I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I now think of you a lot.
    Hope to hear more from you soon! :D
    Love you.